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  1. Jon- Have you used clearnow? How you like them?
  2. Realtor Called me because I had sent one of her "clients" a postcard. (Expireds) She was wanting to know what my companies does. I explained to her what we do. I even explained to her that she could keep her commission. She then proceeded to ask me how she would get her commission for my tenant buyer because she wanted her full 6% commission. She wanted to know what contracts I used. She also asked if I always market to listed properties. She wanted to know every little detail. So in the middle of her talking I said........ Ma'am, not to be rude but I don't have time to tell you every little detail about our program. If your client is open to a lease option , I could help, but I have way more properties to look at today and I have to get going. That really pissed her off and she said GOODLUCK and hung up. All she was worried about is how she was going to get her commission and defiantly did not have the sellers best interest in mind. My question is should I put at the bottom of my post cards something on the lines of "If you relisted with a Realtor please disregard this postcard"?
  3. Whats the best way for a TB to report the rent paid for credit reasons? Thanks Guys
  4. What do you use for stakes for the foam board?
  5. Do Lowes/Home Depot sell rent to own signs? Where is the best place to get one.... I need one by friday..
  6. I am looking to possibly lease option the great pyramid... Do you have anything comparable?
  7. REply with "Sorry, I was trying to respond to your wife who had the add about the 9-volt and the cucumber. My bad." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. Are you consistently putting out bandit signs? They work wonders.
  9. Are you doing CA's full time? When you say lifestyle do you mean the actual $$ you make doing them or do you mean it takes to much of your time? I'm guessing this could all be tweaked to actually give you the lifestyle you want , within reason..
  10. Yeh I tell ya what..We all are thinking on the same page.... I like my current job, but I feel enslaved to the system.... Im trying to have a good lifestyle but its not all about money... If I could close one deal a month my life would change Drastically
  11. Yeh, I agree with Pilot... I tried the no website, no business thing and It was so hard to have confidence when talking to sellers... Soo I am taking a step back and creating an LLC qnd website and then go after this CA full speed.... Pilot... You have been doing CA's and SLO for about 7 years? If so... How Well do you enjoy your lifestyle?
  12. No, there is no need to since I am not an agent. Actually, most of the houses we have are on the MLS at the same time. If someone is NOT listed, but there situation dictates that being listed also would be good, then I refer them to an agent I work with so we can tag team it. So basically, Even though the house is listed on the MLS you can still put a Tenant Buyer in the property. If the Tenant buyer buys the property at the end of the lease then the Realtor that the seller has an agreement with will get the commission? Obviously once a tenant buyer is placed in the property then the Realtor stops all showings of the property and so forth..
  13. thats a great point. Lately I been so excited about Joe mccalls thread about what hes using and trying to figure out why my conversion rate has dipped lately. Dont mention eviction until it comes up. Here's my reasoning..... You know that they are thinking 'eviction' when your giving your pitch.. So why not cover all objections in your pitch?? What thread did joe start?? Thanks
  14. Thanks guys .... Just tryinh to give an extra incentive to my seller....but u guys are right
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