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  1. Is there a new book? Thanks! Lynn
  2. lhenley


    I've had better luck going straight to the FSBO sites, and contacting sellers from there. Many of the "FSBO" ads on CL are real estate agents ... atleast that's my experience. Lynn (FL)
  3. I've read somewhere that one thing you can do is tell them you'll manage it for free (or a very low amount), if they'll give you an option and first-right-of-refusal when they do get ready to sell. Naturally, get it in writing. Lynn (FL)
  4. I too would be interested in looking at any notes you have, either now or in the future. Thanks! Lynn (FL)
  5. Michael, Have you ever used a mobile Notary? What would be pros and cons of doing so? Thanks, Lynn (FL)
  6. lhenley

    Back Again!

    Sometimes, people just look, and don't post anything. Lynn (FL)
  7. As markets change, so do marketing strategies. So, what are you doing to make the phone to ring ... direct mail (brochure or postcard), emails to FSBO's and FRBO's, cold calling, bandit signs, etc? Thanks, Lynn (FL)
  8. German, Do you loan nationwide, or just in CA? Lynn (FL)
  9. lhenley

    Cold calling

    What are you saying when you call a seller? Are you basically using the same wordage as what's in MC's intro email: "I'm calling about your house for sale (or rent). Would you be interested in selling it with a lease option (or rent-to-own)?" Lynn (FL)
  10. Good points. Thanks. Lynn (FL)
  11. Are any of you using a local person to call, email, etc FSBO's and FRBO's from CraigsList and FSBO websites? I am not asking if you're using a VA from another country, but a local person. If so, are you paying $X per Prospect Sheet turned in, a set fee or percentage of the profit (if you close), or a combination, and how much do you pay? My son is unemployed, and I thought I could pay him to do this marketing for me. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions ...??? Thanks, Lynn (FL)
  12. Just remember, the available T/B's for a house in this price range may be small, so be patient. Lynn (FL)
  13. Not sure what's going on here (NW FL), but some friends of mine just got a full-price offer contract after being on the MLS for 6 days. Lynn (FL)
  14. Chaniel, Monthly market rent (due to seller) 2.500 My montly income would be +/- 4.000 Will you be receiving a total of $6,500 per month rent? If so, will the market support that? Lynn (FL)
  15. Sellers are always looking for cash deals. The best LO's deals are the ones where the seller hasn't been able to sell, and they're tired of making 2 house payments. Lynn (FL)
  16. The forum has been mighty quiet, lately. Everyone must be out doing deals. Lynn (FL)
  17. Nick, How are you finding these properties? Are they already absentee owners when you find them? Lynn (FL)
  18. WOW...a 6 1/2 year gap in posts. Lynn (FL)
  19. I'm not advocating contacting agents directly, but Wendy Patton teaches doing this. She's a licensed agent herself, and will usually give the seller's agent her part of the commission, to help sweeten the pot. Lynn (FL)
  20. I get an application fee to help weed out the tire-kickers from the serious tenants. Usually, it's just enough to pay for the credit report ($30-35). Not like I'm making anything from applications fees. Lynn (FL)
  21. Unless you will be the one living in the property, be honest with the Realtor what your plans are. Honesty is always the best policy. Lynn (FL)
  22. If they paid an application fee, then I'd notify them that they do not qualify. Otherwise, I probably would just wait until they call me. Lynn (FL)
  23. I think I'd go with anyone that resides there. The kid in college probably doesn't have any credit to amount to anything. Lynn (FL)
  24. After sending an email to a CraigsList ad, I get a response that the owners will consider doing a Lease Option (LO). I send them the #2 email, along with an attachment about how a LO can help them sell their property. They emailed back that this is fine, and when am I coming to see the property. Since the property is in the next county, and would be a 20-30 minute ride, I elected to email them the actual figures. I don't hear from them for a day or 2, so I check back, asking if they received my figures, and if they were ready to proceed. (A "yes" here, and I would have travelled to the property with Agreements in hand.) Owner responds back with ... "We are not ready to sign a contract with any business at this time." I know this has happened to others, so how do you deal with owners who like the idea of doing a LO, but only if you're an individual, and going to live in the property yourself? Is that just another sign of an un-motivated seller? Thanks, Lynn (FL)
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