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  1. Michael, I have an update on this since the PM I sent you.
  2. Just to clarify, this is a homeowner lead for anyone that is interested in working it.. I would have thought more of you doing out of state stuff would have jumped on this. Could be a nice deal!
  3. I have a homeowner that has a beautiful home in SE NM. This is probably going to be a vacation/second home for someone, but the seller is motivated. I was unable to find a t/b, but the homeowner is willing to be even more flexible on his terms. I'm currently very busy and just want someone that can get this wrapped up quickly for the homeowner. Please only PM me if you have experience with higher end properties ($5k-$6k per month payment on this one) Thanks!
  4. I have a homeowner that has a nice house in NM and I have not been able to find a t/b for the home. It's a fairly expensive home (monthly would be $5,000-$6,000), but the homeowner is very motivated. If anyone has experience working with more expensive/vacation home/second home type properties, please PM me. Thanks!
  5. I'm about to create a spreadsheet to keep track of my prospective T/B's and sellers for that matter... If anyone already has one that works for them and don't mind sharing, I would appreciate it very much!
  6. This may be asking for too much, but is anyone willing share their marketing methods to T/B? I'm working remote deals, so keep that in mind. Craigslist is a given, but what's the approach. Posting in the FSBO and FRBO? Using Postlets.com? Generic? Replying to people that are asking for housing wanted? Any feedback is appreciated.
  7. It's always the new guys being asked for references. And that's probably because you sound new when talking with the homeowner. Get a deal or two under your belt and your confidence and approach will reflect you know what the heck you're talking about.You can use some of Jonathan's ideas, or you can be upfront and tell the homeowner you're fairly new at this, while at the same time convincing him he will be a happy homeowner when all is said and done. Oh, and for the wiseguys that ask me for a complete background check, credit report, SSN, etc. Not a chance. I'll give them the name and number of homeowners I have done business with, but that's it. If they need more than that, they're letting me know early on they are going to be a pain in the ass to work with. Don't need the aggravation. I'm already married with children. This was one of the first sellers I spoke with last week... I'm sure I botched the presentation over the phone. I have quite a bit working, so it's not a big deal if he decides not to go with me. I'll just lay it out like MC suggests and if he says sure... great... if not... no biggie. Also in agreement that there are too many motivated people to work with to be giving out SS#, DL, etc.
  8. Well, the intention would be on deals that aren't under contract yet and future deals. I am receiving a very good response from sellers in the area and plan to continue my efforts. I am somewhat familiar with the area myself, as I used to live in the TX panhandle.
  9. As a result of some offline marketing efforts, I have picked up some good deals (and have some working) in NM. I have been doing the hybrid method where I've agreed to split the option money with the seller, but if there is anyone working these things in NM that might be interested in working with me, I'd rather split the money with someone on here...
  10. Do you guys give a receipt for the option money collected?
  11. As you all know, I'm new at this... I have a great deal pending with a seller ready to go pending references and background on my company... Not sure how to field this. I guess I just move on to the next one. I have run into this a few times... any advice?
  12. Having one's email account terminated on the accusation that you're a spammer isn't entirely paranoid. If Craigslist threatens to blacklist everybody served by your provider, they'll gladly sacrifice you. I was tempted to apologize, but I figured that would be interpreted as more spam, so I just deleted the email. So far this is the only threat I've received. The seller's real beef isn't that I'm dishonest, but that I violated their assumptions. Their self-righteous indignance is amusing to behold. Just use gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. if you are that worried about being banned. It would probably take multiple complaints for Craigslist to ban you. No worries man... I got reported to the FBI an no one has raided my house... yet...
  13. Net listings are not what we do: http://www.ourbroker.com/?p=1446 This is a good explanation
  14. Ok... I have gotten 5 Short Offers signed and sent back to me this week... I have begun to market for T/B's... When do I have the seller's sign the formal lease and option agreements? One I have a T/B lined up or right away? Thanks!
  15. This may be why the Oregon person forwarded my stuff to the Feds... http://www.katu.com/news/specialreports/15092771.html Stories like this make legitimate people look suspect because they are coming up with creative ideas...
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