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  1. I have finally got my first deal in (jacksonville) and i am running out of idea's on how to market the property. It is a mobile/manufactured home a 3/2 and as I recently foundout in a high crime area of the city. I have posted the rent to own on craigslist and ebay,I have put fliers around the community and nearby appartments and I have a sign in front of the property, although the street the home is in doesn't get a lot of traffic. Is there any specific trick ya'll use to sell manufactured homes ? I do not know if its the price or the asking option consideration along with the other factors that are contributing to a weak buyer/tenant demand.
  2. Thanks for the advice i will do that.
  3. I have just started my real estate business doing CA's and I have a website. I wanted my website to appear to have more homes so I took pictures from other websites and put them on mines as to make it seem that i had more home than i really had. I just got an email by what seemed to be an angry person or a real estate agent saying they reported me to the "florida real estate commission" from a legal standpoint how bad can this get? mind you I have never taken any money or any of that sort just posted a home as a "rent to own" that wasn't .
  4. oh ok so that basically only applies if they have an fha loan on their first home and would that first home be categorized as an investment home for the homeowner since they're no longer living in it?
  5. oh ok thank ya'll for the help much appreciated.
  6. 1. If you do a CA with the homeowner and the owner intends to buy another property would it cause problems with the bank since he already has title to one property already? 2. Would that trigger the "due on sale" clause and could the home-owner use the new property as a permenant residence? 3. Since the homeowner still has to pay property-taxes how do ya'll go about it if the property taxes are paid on a monthly basis? 4. The last questions, is there a method or a way to have the tenant-buyer pay the mortgage themselves directly? Thanks for your help.
  7. I was surfing online for a place were i could advertise my C.A. Properties and i found a website called www.homezid.com ... It seems to be investor friendly and lets you advertise,upload pictures,videos of your current properties up to 50 listings at any one time you can have and its completely free seems pretty decent just wanted to share that with ya'll.
  8. When you do a CA with the seller, what do you write down on the contract portion "option to purchase Agreement" where it says "option consideration $ ____ for the above property", do you fill that portion out with the seller or do you leave it blank til you find a tenant/buyer and see how much down you can get?
  9. If you find a tenant buyer to occupy a house on a CA whose responsibility is it to pay for property taxes? or home-owners association dues...
  10. I have sent a few emails to sellers on craiglist about doing CA's , but I am also working on my website at the same time and I don't know in which direction I should go about to entice sellers on my website... Like should I say something like - I'm an investor and I look for buyer's for your house and collect a fee in the process- or should I play it more conservative and say that - I'm an investor who is looking to buy nice homes -. I just don't want to seem as if i'm brokering or performing any type of real estate agent service...
  11. Ohh ok thanks for clearing that up and I plan on starting my marketing in a few days to target homeowners, especially all the FSBO in my neighborhood 7 so far and counting
  12. I love it, it is very straightforward and informative. I also like how detailed the forms are and the escape clauses in them... I got a quick question just to double check when you do the cooperative assignment you use the following forms... in that order You+Seller=> Lease with option You+Seller+Tenant=> CA assignment of agreements Tenant+Seller=> Ca Residential Lease + Option to purchase agreement
  13. oh ok thanks, so I will specify on my contract that it could only be assigned once... example "me assign to tenant" then it can no longer be assigned and I also live in florida so I assume there is no law that might make cooperative assignments any more difficult or stringent like some other states
  14. I have 2 questions... 1. If you use the lease agreement and option with the seller and it states there that you can "sublet and assign" and then you assign your contract to the tenant would he/she be able to do the same thing and sublet or assign it?? 2. what other contracts would be necessary besides the lease contract,option contract and the assigment contract? ... I was also thinking of recording a memorandum of option in the tenant's name for good practice
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