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  1. MC, I guess what I am saying is, when I call this guy and he is interested in L/O, what next? Do I go to his house? Meet somewhere nuetral? And then when we meet what contracts ecactly do I use? Do I have my attorney look at your contracts first to make sure they are legal in my state? When I do get the FSBO under contract I need a T/B. Same questions as far as contracts and paper work. Do I meet the T/B at the house or let him go with out me to show it to him? I guess what I am looking for is the A-Z from start to finish in putting this deal together. I don't want to go into this deal blind, I know I would have more confidence if I new the exact structure before I began the deal. Or should I 'just do it' and worry about the details later? Is it ethical to advertise a home for sale with L/O that you don't control yet? Sorry just a lot of questions that keep me from moving forward to my first deal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx
  2. I came across a FSBO that appears to be vacant (how do I know? we just got a foot of snow and two days later the driveway was not shoveled but there was a nice little path to the front door) anyway I would like to approach the owner but not sure (or not confident enough) of what to say to him and how to acctualy go through the progression of offers and how to structure them. This is a pretty house with a value of about $275,000. I want to L/O the house and L/O to a tenant/ buyer.
  3. OK Tony, I understand your example, but where does the making money part come in?
  4. I am interested in getting involved in RE investing but it seems as though everybody is "buyinghouses cash". Is there room for one more? How can you compete when you see sighns everywhere and the newspaper is loaded with "we buy houses cash" adds.
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