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  1. In regards to the new Texas Bill. The verbage states: "if a residential lease of real property includes an option to purchase the property...." What if it does not include an option? What if the two are exercised as two completely distinct and seperate contracts?...The purchase contract could be set up for closing after the lease expiration date...subject to 3rd party financing. What about a"temporary buyers lease" while under contract? Which brings me to another question. Most temporary buyers leases are only for 90 days. Is there a reason for that?Can they be extended, and for how long? Could they be extended for example 180 days...or more...? JC
  2. I was thinking about getting involved in buying/flipping REO properties. I've been told in my research that "all banks" require a "no assignment" addendum. Is this true? If so, is there a way to flip REO properties? I've also been told to run from the REO game, altogether. Anyone have imput on this subject. Thanks JC
  3. Congrats! Did this originate as a Lease Purchase, or was this just a real motivated seller? JC
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