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  1. OK,....Before You People Get Carried Away with "Peefox" If You Must Know.......And I Know You Must,.......Once upon a Time.......No That's Not It..... Actually It Was One Of Those Warm, Tequila Nites,.....Many Years Ago.... Oh Yeah,...I Remember It Well,....There I Was, Minding My Own Business, When "She" Walked In.... I Looked Up, ....Our Eyes Met,.......and (to be continued) The Peefox Myster
  2. The Redneck at the Zoo... A small Alabama Wild Animal Park acquired a very rare species of gorilla. Within a few weeks, the gorilla, who was a female, became very difficult to handle. Upon examination, the park veterinarian determined the problem. The gorilla was in heat. To make matters worse, there was no male gorilla available. Reflecting on their problem, the park administrator thought of Eddie Standen, a redneck part-time intern, who was responsible for cleaning the animal's cages. Eddie, like most rednecks, (me included) had little sense, but possessed ample ability to satisfy a female of any species. The park administrator thought they might have a solution. Eddie was approached with a proposition. .....Would he be willing to mate with the gorilla for $500.00 ?? Eddie showed some interest, but said he would have to think the matter over carefully. The following day, Eddie announced that he would accept their offer, but only under the following four conditions. 1. "First," he said,.."I don't want to have to kiss her on the lips." The park administrator quickly agreed to this condition. 2. "Second," Eddie said, "You must never tell anyone about this." The park administrator again readily agreed to this condition. 3. "Third," Eddie said, " I want all the offspring to be raised Southern Baptist." Once again the administrator agreed. 4. And last of all, Eddie stated, "You've got to give me another week to come up with the $500.00. " Rick
  3. Let's Do it TOMORROW !!!! We've got more Snow on the way this week in Denver....I'm Ready to get out of town !! I'm already needing to put Extensions on all my Yard Signs to get them up above the snow.... Sunny Florida ?.....Sounds GREAT to me...... Pick me up at the Airport !! Oh, by the way.........Which Airport am I going too ?? Rick
  4. A Blonde goes to the Post Office to buy stamps for her Christmas Cards. She says to the clerk, "May I have 50 stamps ?" The Clerk says, "What Denomination ?" The Blonde says, "God Help Us, Has it come to this ?" "Give me 6 Catholic, 12 Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran, and 22 Baptists. " Merry Christmas All, Rick Ward Your Friend from Colorado
  5. .......Let's ALL Shoot Marbles !!........ha! Rick
  6. Hmmm. . .don't give me any ideas, Rick. Hi Michael, Yes, my wife is a Realtor and I got to playing around with the "MLS" the other night, (not my wife! ha!). Anyway, I just targeted my Zip Code, that's all. I sent out 100 cards, (5 of which came back today as Not Deliverable and Unable to Forward). I color outside the lines a little, but it was a simple card. It has a little cartoon on the left side, (I thought maybe this would attract their attention). On the right half it says: House Still Not Sold? If 90% of Full Appraised Value Works for You, It'll Work For Me, and I'd Like to Discuss Buying your House. I'm Talking 90% of Full Market Value to You, No Commissions And I'll Even Pick Up Our Closing Costs As Well ! Call Me Today ! Rick Ward, 303-887-5049 That's it. Pretty simple, but it seemed to work OK. Now I've got to get busy and find a Tenant/Buyer for these properties. I'm a little green here, and would certainly welcome any marketing suggestions any of you have found successful. Tomorrow I plan to visit my Title Company and obtain addresses of "Non-Owner Occupied Home Addresses" (ie, Rental Houses), in the neighborhoods of the houses I have. I have a Card I designed for them, too. I guess I'll also put a little ad in our community newspaper. I'm going to have Suzanne list "Rent to Own" in the MLS with these properties. I'll be unable to sell them outright because of the prepayment penalties. But of course, in these deals, that's a good thing. Also, I've worked with Realtors who have brought me clients that they couldn't get qualified. I've never used Craig's List. I remember Bev used them alot. Any ideas there? I'm pleased to be able to contribute something myself after all the help and encouragement I've received from our Forum, and I thank you all. Rick
  7. Dan, PeeFox,...Boy, that's been a LONG time ago...I think it was probably one of those "Warm Tequila Nites" ! ha! I Guess I Really Need to Change That Sometime.....
  8. All Forum Friends, I sure have appreciated, and gotton alot from "Our" Forum,.....Now it's My time to contribute.... Last week I did a mailout,.....Only 100 postcards,..But it was selective.. I selected an area near where I live, well. a 15-20mi radius. I mailed my pieces out to Homeowners whose property listings had either expired, or had been listed for 6mos or longer. Friday, the mail hit,....and I started getting calls. Over the weekend I picked up "5 Deals".... $1.3 mil worth of Real Estate,...Every House, Great Shape. and in Great Locations.....I'm excited ! Here's something I found, ( 4 out of the 5 had in common ) and of which I'm going to Really Emphasize More in My Own Marketing,.....and I think You should consider as well.... I found most of my people had hardly any equity left in their house, because they had "ReFinanced" previously,..and taken it out. What they DID HAVE Though,.....was a Hefty "Pre-Payment Penalty" buried in their new loans for the next few years! We're talking $10-$18,000 Pre-Payment Penalities. Michael's Lease Option techniques, ..the SLO, CA,....They're PERFECT for these people,...and it takes Absolutely NO Selling them at all to see the advantages for them! Think of all the people who have Re-Financed and have these Pre-Payment Penalties.....You've got the PERFECT Solution for them... Point this out during your next meeting with a Home Seller,.....You could be saving them Thousands of dollars,.....(not to mention you'll be making thousands of dollars as well) And you'll have them bending over wanting to Kiss MC's GodFather Ring ! "Try It,....You'll Like It" !! Rick Ward
  9. A woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband stalking around with a fly swatter. "What are you doing ?" She asked. "Hunting Flies" He responded. "Oh. !! Killing any ?" She asked. "Yep, 3 Males, and 2 Females," He replied. Intrigued, she asked. "How can you tell them apart?" He responded, "3 were on a beer can,...2 were on the phone...... Rick Ward MrLeasePurchase.com Colorado
  10. To All My "Wine-O" Friends,...... Some of you may be pretty good at this,.....maybe I should have said, "Used to this " ! The object of the game is to keep him walking a Straight Line without falling over, .....by moving your mouse Left and Right (No Clicking) Right now,...My World Record is 35 meters.....My "First" World Record was 3. Let's see what You Can Do...... 1. Turn Your Sound Up. 2. Click Start,...And Be Ready ! 3. "Left Click" on the Distance Sign to start over ( www.wagenschenke.ch ) Rick,....In Colorado
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