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  1. I can do creative loans for investors and for the buyers of their properties. I have loans for borrrowers with FICO credit scores as low as 500. I have a no doc purchase to 95% or stated income to 100% for owner or 95% stated for non owner up to 4 units. My website: jane.eloandealer.com or call me: (435) 586-4794. thanks, Jane
  2. For an owner occupied property you can get a Home Equity Line of credit up to 100% CLTV. Are you trying to get a no doc loan, stated income or full doc. On first mortgages the bank will loan you on the lower of the purchase price or appraisal, but you can get a HELOC after you purchase it. To refi the property you would need to be on title for at least 12 months.
  3. I have access to no doc loans for 95% on a purchase (refi to 90%) if you have a FICO score of at least 620. Because you are not on title presently it would be considered a purchase. You will need a purchase contract for the property but nothing else and I can fund 95% of that amount with no employment, no income and no assets (no documentation). I only need the appraisal and your credit and can close in a few weeks. Last month I funded two loans for women in their 80's (can't discriminate against age). Both of them did cash out refi's. One was a loan for $420,000 with over $150,000 cash out. Her only source of income was SS. Call me @ (435) 586-4794 Thanks, Jane
  4. What states are you in. What bank does that loan?
  5. 90% LTV cash out refi or 95% purchase for owner occupied no doc, interest only option. 70% LTV no doc for non owner. No income, no employment, no assets, no documentation!! Call me @ (435) 586-4794 Now hiring new lenders, will train, no cost to you.
  6. 1.95% payment, or pay interest only @4.692% investor 1-4 unit. Full Doc: 80% LTV, 90% CLTV or Stated income: 70% LTV, 80% CLTV. Example of payments: $300,000 loan: Option payment - 1101.37, Interest only - 1098.00 30 year amort. - 1554.47, 15 year amort. - 2324.53. the choice is yours each month. Lifetime cap 10.95%. This program allows for cash flow on your rental while it is appreciating. A typical investor property loan is 7% that payment would be 1995.91 a month. The option payment saves you 897.91 a month , or over $10,000 a year!!! Call me for details. (435) 586-4794 Jane Sherman janesherman@email.com
  7. I have a loan program for investors that want to buy or refi 5+ units. Move up to apartments!! This program is stated income, stated asset ,minimum FICO 575. It will allow for some carry back from the seller so you only need 10% down. 60-75% LTV, CLTV 90%. 15-20 year amort. No seasoning needed on refi!!! Call me @ (435) 586-4794 Jane Sherman
  8. designtech


    I am with Worldlendinggroup.com and can originate loans in 48 states. I am an investor that buys fixes up and sells, and I offer the financing to the buyer. WLG has over 100 investors and can offer loans for investors. You can also sign up to originate loans for a one time fee of $225. My code is AY3515. Call me for more information (435) 327-8258. Jane Sherman
  9. Is it better to use homemade, unprofessional signs that look like FSBO signs or better to look professional as Real Estate office signs?
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