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  1. moneynfast, is this name for your business? If it is and you don't mind my two cents here it is. I believe that having the words real estate investor sometimes scares people, especially the ones not away of what we do. Again this is my opinion and in saying that my co. name is AMP homes. I am usually pretty creative with my ideas, so if you want a name that contains investor in it. Let me know and I will help anyway I can. Shane
  2. Here's my situation, I put up bandit signs and the city called my number demanding I take them down. Of course I complied with there demands and asked them what the deal was. They preached that this type of advertisement in the right of way, caused the community to look run down. I listened for a while (10-15 minutes) then asked them why I always see signs posted for many other advertising reasons. They then replied that If I wanted to post my signs I could for $15.00/ sign. I guess that $15.00 would help them see the right of way as clean and presented at that point. Anyway, I want the methods of advertisement that has worked for all of you. I am working on a web sight. It is not the web sight that brings them in, I agree the web sight is definite. But there has to be something that brings them to me. So if you could please let me in on any successful advertisement that has worked for you, I would appreciate it. Shane
  3. Joseph_44 if you don't mind my two cents, I will ad it. If I understand you correctly, you are asking why have a person set to move in then do a credit check or back ground check. If this is correct, I will respond by saying that doing it this way will save you money buy doing needless checks on people. Also you have to remember, a good portion of the people who will be entering into a lease option with you will not have the best credit (by no means does this mean all t/b have bad credit) and you are no disqualifying them by pulling their credit and finding out it's bad. This only let's you know where they are credit wise and where they need to be in the future to get this mortgage down the road. But should something happen that they don't qualify for the mortgage down the road. Oh well you get to do the money making process all over again. I hope this helps and I hope I understood you question correctly. Shane
  4. I do appreciate the contact, unfortunetly Skokie is not a little far for me. Thank you though. Shane
  5. AMPinvestor


    I have a 401k plan that is just sitting in my old account where I used to work. I would like some feed back as to some good non taxable ways to get it out or invest it. Thanks, Shane
  6. AMPinvestor

    V/M script

    I was wondering if I can get some feed back as to which incoming voice mail script has worked the best for some people. I am looking for the one, when sellers call in. I have a stand alone v/m box so that the seller doesn't have to feel like he/she is going to speak with a quote, unquote sales person but instead a voice mail that describes the biz. Thanks, Shane
  7. Once again option8 your insight is appreciated.
  8. Has anyone ever called a potential seller out of the For Sale By owner ad in their local paper? Only to see the same sellers ad two or three weeks later, now reading For sale with option to buy, etc. I was wondering if there would be a script to get our point across but not give to much info. as to what we what we do. To avoid the copycat seller.
  9. I have a house that I purchase for $15,500.00 and is worth approx. 35-40k. I want to refinance it and take the money and reinvest.They lender wants me to take about 7% apr. (for going stated) pay about $2300.00 closing costs with a three year prepay.I would like some insight and suggestions. I was thinking of doing the deal asking for a higher interest rate to lower closing costs. And if the prepay is 3% the first year it will be 2% then 1%. At this rate 3% is $900.00 and it wouldn't be to much of a hit to pay the prepay in the even I should find an out right buyer, I will more than likely L/O it. I now look to the wise people of my investor forum for help in a creative manner that will befit me most. Thanks guys/gals. Shane
  10. Thanks for the web sights, I will check them out and let you know how they worked out for me. Shane
  11. Mike, thanks for the response as always your input is appreciated and respected. Iwas wondering if there are any good fsbo and frbo research sights that may be universal to location. I feel as though I am beating a unbeatable path. I make my calls and network etc. I am know trying to market through setting up a web sight and street signs. Any information is greatly appreciated. Shane. "It's in your moment of decision, that your destiny is shaped"
  12. I have a deal on the table to where the home owners has enticed a lease option, but is listed with a realtor. This deal is through a local realtor (listing realtor) who has been trying to set me up with lease option deals.He wants first and last months plus $3,000.00 option. Totalling $5200.00 Market is $130,000.00, he would entice a three year offer for $130,000.if he gets his $5200.00, is able to let his lawyer look over the contracts and he mentioned putting a clause in the contract stating that if rent is late the property would default back to him. This is the realtor saying all this and I haven't even met the owner. I countered to the realtor that I wasn't to interested in the $5200.00 option, but was interested in the other elements of the equation less the clause. If I might add this is about 25 minutes out of my farm land. What recomendations can I get One last thing these realtors are diligently working to give me opportunities they just keep having stipulations and other things that make their offers not so attractive.
  13. I can't quite remember where you were located but I have a friend in the N.W. suburbs of Chi. that owns a successful office solutions co. and He may be able to help. Just a little FYI, I am not into knocking people or co. But I purchased the HP all in one 5150 for my home office and it did not scan well with font under twelve. Also there customer support was aweful. I got is from Best Buy and they were no better. I won't bore you with the details but if you're interested I would be more than happy to put you in contact. Hope this help. Shane "It's in your moment of decision, that your destiny is shaped."
  14. I hope you don't mind my two cents. I like the ad fine. Something I chose to do in my ad is multiple colors, comforting and welcoming colors to give the eyes something to look at. I think Mike C. made good mention about the verbage. I also am not sure if are codes are an issue by you but by us they are inperative. I also chose to incorporate a decal and slogan on all my adds. This is the factor that sticks in the mind like that commercial you saw on tv and said how the hell did this get on tv. But the message worked it made you remember it. Hope this helps. "just a little short of two cents" Shane
  15. I would like to thank those who provided me information regarding web designers (namely, option8) I have a gentlemen named Eric R. doing a websight for me right now that is so unbelievably incredible. He has done Miller Genuine Draft and Pillsbury just to name a few. And here's the kicker, he's affordable. thewebspot.com is his sight. Now all I need to do is get me web sight finished and learn how to optimize my advertising it.If anyone is interested contact me or Eric. so you will get the proper treatment. Hope this helps. Shane
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