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  1. This trade program requires no swifting Min is $1M, but they prefer $20M+. No maximum. Client's funds stay in their banks. No swift requirements. Trade group will open account at clients bank and trade out of that bank. Funds administratively blocked. Client paid daily. The client can stay in the program as long as they wish. 1 day, 7 day, a month, etc and are paid daily. The investment bank of the platform owner will have an account at the client's bank and a trade desk. They will be depositing their own currency into their account which is what the trade will be based on. A BG or SBLC backed by land will not work. Cash and gold backed instruments are what they work with. We can work with funds which are located in Dubai. As long as the funds are outside of India we can work with India clients. kimlar92@gmail.com
  2. I just found this program that can be used anywhere (India too) Min is $1M, but they prefer $20M+. No maximum. Client's funds stay in their banks. No swift requirements. Trade group will open account at clients bank and trade out of that bank. Funds administratively blocked. Client paid daily. The client can stay in the program as long as they wish. 1 day, 7 day, a month, etc and are paid daily. The investment bank of the platform owner will have an account at the client's bank and a trade desk. They will be depositing their own currency into their account which is what the trade will be based on. A BG or SBLC backed by land will not work. Cash and gold backed instruments are what they work with. I have more details with returns included...
  3. To initiate the process, we need the following information: Amount: $ Currency: Euros or USD ? Duration: usually 1 year and 1 day Do you require any particular bank? For credit enhancement only? Yes/No Callable/Lienable? Yes/No Business Purpose: When do you require the instrument?: *All of our deals use third party escrow services, no exceptions. Client should realize that the 10% fee must be placed in a 3rd party neutral escrow. Just like any other "purchase", the financial instrument provider must be assured of being paid. There is a cost for him to send the POF. We use Commercial Escrow in California for SBLC You do not have to travel to the US to open an escrow account. You can do it all by email and phone. This escrow company is called "third party neutral" which means that they are not controlled by either the buyer or seller. This provides you great protection. They are NEUTRAL. By law, they must follow the Escrow Instructions that we provide them. We will work with you to write mutually acceptable Escrow Instructions. You send the funds to escrow only after you are comfortable with the escrow instructions. Thus everyone is protected, Buyer, Seller, Intermediaries. Regards, Larry Potter kimlar92@gmail.com
  4. We work directly with a firm which maintains an open line of credit with several major banks. At this time, they are offsetting large end of year profits with an investment program in which they seek to acquire registered bank or financial instruments of all kinds to avoid a larger end of year tax liability due to their extreme profitability. In that context, please note the following facts: #1...If the instrument is listed on Euroclear or DTC AND is owned by the client, it likely qualifies for this program. #2... The monetization is a 'non-recourse loan' generally for 1 year and 1 day. The client does not need to repay the funding AND he gets his instrument back after the contract period. #3... LTVs will vary based on the instrument itself and the strength of the issuer. Firms quotes will be given in the contract after client presents himself and his instrument. But the extremes are 55% on the low end to 95% on the high end. We've never seen a 55% deal. The averages are in the 80% to 85% range. #4...All that is needed from the client is a simple CIS, Passport ID page, blocking codes and a screenshot of the instrument. #5...The client will receive a straightforward contract to execute. Once this is submitted, the instrument will be blocked on the screen and closing/funding may occur within a couple of hours. It's very simple and straightforward. Let us know if you have any prospects for this business. Note: CMOs are accepted but face value should be $1B or more because of their low value. Regards, Larry Potter Lgpotter33@gmail.com
  5. CMO Trading Opportunity - Min is $1M USD or equivalent Entry level minimum that is being accepted is $1 million USD ($1M) or equivalent. Through our network of financial contacts we have direct access to a licensed trader who can do several things of interest as it relates to CMOs. He can get a line of credit with LTV of 8% against existing CMOs, or He can help a client obtain his own AAA rated CMOs through a licensed and regulated exchange whereby a $1M investment will acquire $1B in CMO face value. (these instruments are not normally worth much in the current global financial crisis). These can be obtained through a relationship trader has with Merrill Lynch, or the client can use any legitimate broker relationship he may already have. Trader will get line of credit of 8% against $1B in CMO face value, or $80 million credit in place and in return for the $1M investment. The $80 million can be put into a 40 week trade program on the trader’s platform where trading may generate 5% to 10% per week on the $80M. Practical Example: Client puts in $1M: The $1m buys $1B CMO $1B x 8% LTV = $80m At worst case 5% per week that is $4m per week $16m per month At best case 10% per week that is $8m per week $32m per month This process can go very quick and we understand that once a client has presented himself with: passport, Proof of Funds, client information sheet and letter of intent, trading can commence in as little as 5 banking days. The deadline for this offer to get in is November 15. Regards, Larry Potter Lgpotter33@gmail.com
  6. 100% Funding For Worldwide Commercial Projects from $100M+ No JV agreement needed for our 100% funding To get started we need our ZMG application and Services Agreement completed and returned with your business plan and executive summary. Contact Larry at Lgpotter33@gmail.com for the two forms and get your projects funded now.
  7. Client needs $700k to enter the Leased Instrument Monetization Program which ramps him up to $5M on cycle one, and $25M on cycle 2. From here we can get him into a PP scenario and capital builds for some nice sized projects if needed for that. A top tier bank will issue the CD with the client named as beneficiary. The CD is placed and held in the escrow account. The same entity that provides the CD, provides the loan funds against it which will amount to 10% of the face value. Clients funds stay in escrow until deal is completely funded, making it 100% safe for the client. It will remain there until the loan proceeds are sent to escrow. Loan proceeds are sent to escrow and all are distributed accordingly. Required To Proceed: A CIS (we have a blank Client Information Sheet if needed, but it must be on their letter head) Copy of Passport POF (sensitive info can be sanitized), should be current a 1 or 2 page business summary The above will get the agreement with all the specifics. Process is approximately 10 days. The 'loan' is structured with a 'zero' interest rate and the CD is pledged as collateral. So if or when the 'loan' is not repaid, the CD simply goes back to the original provider, which is what the ultimate intention is anyway. You could look at this as a 'non-recourse' loan. However, for sensitivity reasons, it's just not being promoted that way. As for the MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding), only 'when' we present the qualified client and his package, will he 'then' be contacted directly by the program manager with the final contract and complete details where and when the client will complete his full due diligence with complete transparency, with no obligation. Contact Larry at Lgpotter33@gmail.com
  8. Ends Aug 31: 100% JV Leveraged Funding Option for projects from 25M USD to NO maximum. Our provider is getting backed up with projects and has asked us to stop submitting. We have convinced him to give us a small window to finish up pending work already in process. We can accept new projects into this program until the end of the month at which time a moratorium will be placed on accepting new projects until further notice. So if you have anyone on the sidelines or 'in process', they have until the end of this month to get their services agreement in place before we cut off accepting new applications until further notice. Please advise your clients and prospects accordingly. Thanks very much. Larry Potter Contact me at Lgpotter33@gmail.com for more info, but do so immediately. We don't know when it will open up again. How our Worldwide 100% Project Funding Leveraged JV Finance Solution works... We will consider 100% funding of qualified projects on a joint venture basis (short term) on projects requiring a funding minimum of $25 million. Client must have complete business plan with pro forma projections and feasibility studies suitable for bank purposes. Client will also have bank relations sufficient to obtain a line of credit where our funding provides the full, cash backed bank guarantee, bank to bank, for 108% of the line of credit to pay all interest and bank fees thus providing full security for the lending bank. BG will be issued by an AA rated Western European bank. This is done at no cost to client. Bottom Line: *Client has the benefit of getting the Bank Guarantee for 108% of full funding amount of the project at no cost to him. *The line of credit is paid at term by BG provider and BG is returned to provider, uncashed at the term of the agreement. *There is no cost or risk to the client. *At the end of year #1 client has full funding for the project with no debt and only a 50% JV partner. *At the end of year #2 JV partner is bought out with the proceeds of the funding mechanism and client has 100% equity with no debt. *The integrity of the arrangement is assured by Price Waterhouse Coopers. Should you wish to proceed on this course, you can request a professional services agreement to engage ZMG to start the wheels turning on your behalf. Contact Larry G. Potter for further details: Lgpotter33@gmail.com
  9. Our number one request from the field is can use this on SHORT SALES OR REO'S. Until now you know the answer was no. But it wasn't because we couldn't do them, it was logistics. The Bank requires the buyer's own funds to pay for the home at closing. You can't "create a note" and sell at closing to create the funds that pay the bank for the home. That's not allowed by the foreclosing banks. Our note buyer will use their own funds to partner the deal with you by putting up the money to buy the home and then using the note creation to exit the purchase loan. You must have a buyer lined up that has been approved for our owner financing and have a purchase agreement in place with the bank where the offer was place under an "and or assigns" with the bank. This will allow the actual purchase using the note buyer's funds. This program allows investors to flip Short Sales and REOs without using any of their own cash or obtaining a loan. We put up the money and assumes the risk of the second closing not occurring and being stuck with a home and an outstanding loan amount. This program will open up huge number of investors and past investors who are locked out of taking advantage of this market. Even CNN has posted a quick overview on their site on how to by foreclosures. Everyone wants to buy them, but can't get the money to flip them. Now we are providing that cure. Find out more details on Tuesday during the 3:00pm EST training. Register now at www.fastsellerloans.com Larry Potter
  10. Easy Private Mortgages enables you to sell your properties Instantly & For Full Value. Investors can try our program with absolutely No Cost or Commitment. You can dramatically increase the number of Buyers for your property by using Easy Private Mortgages. Instead of competing for the same few Buyers that all other Sellers want, market to Buyers who know they don't qualify for conventional financing. These Buyers will be eager to buy your property "as is" and for full value, because you can provide them with the special financing that they need. Don't Reduce Your Price: Many experts suggest that you reduce your price to attract Buyers. Don't do it! Reducing your price doesn't make your property "special," it only makes it "cheap." Low asking prices invite even lower offers. By the time you get to closing you're likely to have given away 20% of the true value of your property. Don't do it! Sell your properties Instantly and For Top Dollar with No Cost or Commitment---> Click Here Now
  11. I started in August of 1984 after getting half way thru Robert Allen's book, "Nothing Down" and bought a two unit. Then in early 1985 I attended a Wade Cook seminar down in Chicago and later that year attended a Russ Whitney seminar in Chicago back when he was actually teaching the seminars. I attended many after that including one by the late Nick Koon. In May of 1988 I got laid off as traffic manager for Zion Industries (home of the famous Zion Fig Bars and Choc Chips for 80 years) and at that time I decided to go full time into real estate. I continued in real estate until June of 1996 and quit completley after a divorce. In February of 2007 I decided to get back into it and now have my first new flip ready to close on May 11th (I hope). I will post more details after the close. On May 3rd (next week) I will be attending a seminar put out by the Whitney Education Group at 6PM at the Hawthorne Suites at Midland Country in Wadsworth, Illinois Maybe I will see one or more of you there. Look for the 6'2" guy with black hair and moustache......Larry Easy Financing EZ_Kit.doc
  12. Benefits of Receiving a Lump-Sum Payment With the certainty of inflation and the strong potential for tax increases, a dollar is worth far more today than it will be in the future. Rather than receiving small, periodic payments, the fundam ental principles of finance demonstrate that a lump-sum payment, with proper handling and investing, can be significantly more valuable. Based on the history of our U.S. economy, a dollar paid to you in 10 years is worth only about 40% of what it is today. A lump-sum payment will grow in value. Taking the lump-sum payment option and investing wisely can yeild a far greater return than the original periodic payment amount. People may choose to receive a lump-sum payment for many reasons including: Purchasing a Home Starting a Business Paying Legal or Medical Bills Incurred During a Settlement Educational Expenses Financial Planning and Investing While a lump-sum payment may not be the right choice for everyone, it is certainly a viable financial option in most cases. If I can ever be of service to you where alternative real estate financing or notes are involved please do not hesitate to contact me. Additional information can be found at our web site at: http://www.AgileFunding.com Larry Potter, Pres. LP2715@aol.com
  13. If you are offering seller financing and would like to get cash for your note at the closing, we can do that for you. Thanks. Larry LP2715@aol.com http://www.AgileFunding.com
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