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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I do "virtual" lease option flips in a few different cities/states. The one big challenge has been finding local agents to market for tenant buyers & show the properties for me. I started out offering them the equivalent of 1 months rent per tenant buyer placed. I even increased that amount thinking they were lazy because the money amount wasn't motivating enough. In terms of "lazy", what I mean is, these agents would barely lift a finger to market the properties (online or to any buyers that were just turned down for a loan). All of which I told them how & where to market for tenant buyers. I even got to the point where I was doing the marketing so all they had to do was show up & show the property & collect the tenant apps. I kid you not, they wouldn't even do that! Mind you, this is after a SUPER explicit ad of their expected duties & going over all that with them in the first convo to set expectations. I would even tell them I had to fire my previous agents because they were lazy & just wouldn't do anything. They would assure me that would never be the case with them...lol. I've gone through this with about 20 agents now. The whole process of screening them, (grilling them on what's expected upfront, where & how to market, etc). This is the last snag preventing me from expanding to any remote markets I want. I'm just kinda dumbfounded by the pathetic laziness & the fact that they have to do almost nothing to get their paycheck & that's still too much! Right now, I'm just partnering up with newbie investors in those cities & having them do that stuff. I train them & do the marketing & we split the profits 50/50. I just want to get a local agent to do the buyer side stuff so we can focus on closing sellers. I mean, if it were 1 or 2 agents, no biggie. But that many in a bunch of different areas is really odd. Especially because it's not as if I'm "mousey" with them in the beginning. If anything, I'm more like Kramer in Seinfeld (where he tells the girl "she looks fine, she just needs a nose job")...lol. I tell them upfront to not waste my time or theirs & I can't stand lazy agents. Anyway, has anyone had this experience & have any solution ideas? Thanks, Jay von Mohr 657-777-3540
  2. I've read a bit here and there in the forums about real estate agents working with us. I'd like to get a clearer picture of how we could partner with these people to get more deals. I have a few agents that I have recently begun to form relationships with and am wondering if and how you work with agents to present a win-win scenario. I think new agents might be more willing to work with us. Any thoughts?
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