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Oh, man!  This post just gives me so much ammunition, I don't know where to start.  :)  :)  So, I'll remain quiet, instead.  Never let it be said I'm not a gentleman.

Oh, really?!... wait ti'l you hear these other questions I have about that place...


- There were all kinds of "Bars" there


* What the heck is a " Hitching Bar " ?

This bar had a barbers chair in it for one purpose and I had no clue what this was for until I saw it in action :o


* What the heck is a " Oxygen Bar"?

This bar is hard to explain what it does but people were really enjoying it form what I saw :angry:


* What the heck is an " Orgasm Bar "?

This bar was, uh,.. I'm still trying to figure this one out :blush:


Man, I need to go out more often :blink:

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