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Owner Financing Leads for Buyers/Sellers

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If you are a seller willing to carry all or a portion of your mortgage, or if you have a home loan that can be assumed by the new buyer, you can advertise your home at http://www.ownerwillcarry.com for free. When interested buyers see your property via our website, they will contact you directly via email. All submitted listings are posted within 24 hours. You may view our current listings by going to http://www.ownerwillcarry.com/owchomes.html


Likewise, If you are looking to purchase a home but have had problems qualifying for a mortgage, you are welcome to visit on our OwnerWillCarry.Com website. All the homes listed on our site offer owner financing. Full access to the site is completely free of charge. We post all the pertinent contact information on our site, so that when you find a property that you are interested in, you can interact with the seller directly.


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