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10 % down No Credit Check

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The Guaranteed Approval system allows you to buy the home of your choice; close, & move in as soon as 4-6 weeks. It provides a single digit fixed interest rate with no prepayment penalty. Bankruptcy, tax liens, judgments, no SSN, under 500 FICO etc., don't matter because your down payment will be your credit. You can choose any home in America.


In order to qualify you must have 10% or $10,000 to put down, whichever is greater. Ninety five (95%) percent of Americans spend more money than they make and you are to be commended if you have been able to save money. It shows that you are in the top 5% of Americans. PRIMARY ADVANTAGES:


1) You get a home NOW - Prices are going up every per year. Waiting is costly.

2) Peace of Mind - You know you will close - You receive a written Unconditional Commitment for Approval.

3) No Pre-Payment Penalty - saves you 3-6%

4) Lower Closing Costs - saves you at least 1%

5) No Discount Points - saves you 1-3%

6) You get the home of your choice - huge value

7) Single digit fixed rate - big value

8) Credit Repair - immense value

9) Learn and Grow with Real Estate Training - make money with Real Estate

10) 100% of the Tax Advantages

11) 100% appreciation, 100% of the Equity build-up

12) Professional price negotiations; Full Disclosure

13) Freedom, Privacy, Pride, Security, Stability, etc.

14) Safety and legality. All transactions are closed with an Attorney.


You know that there is a price to pay when you have credit challenges. The guaranteed Approval system has been designed to be fair and reasonable. All clients are treated the same. We are going to have an investor with good credit use their credit power to buy that home for your benefit. This explains why your credit doesn't matter. They will then sign a Deed and transfer title to a Trust which protects you. The Trustee is administered by an Attorney for your protection. The cost to you equates to approximately $75/month more than if you had good credit on a $100,000 home. On a $200,000 home it would be about $150 month; and so on. This is a FULL DISCLOSURE program - there is no withheld information or hidden charges or surprises.

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