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Marketing Codes

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This take a little time to set up, but it is worth it to find out which effort is bringing in the phone calls. We designed a list of every different effort we are trying.


For Voice Mail:

We create a vm extension reply code for each item we use


I have 3 generic vocemail boxes for motivated sellers that each can have marketing digits 0-9 This gives us 30 possible codes on marketing materials.


It goes something like this:

business cards - nothing

Website - ext 10

Flyers - ext 11

email signature - ext 16


It is nice to see our Voice mail reports with the numbers on them...We know exactly how they heard about us.


Use the same for referral codes by giving each person their own referral code.


On mailers:

make up a code: 030221d (translates into 2003-feb-21 notice of default

Order, numbers, and the like don't matter, just so you know what it means


Ask for the code when they call you and keep the hash marks! Don't continue to to the same thing where theire aren't any hash marks.. Re-word your flyer and try again.


I hope this makes sense


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