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Matt Cordo

100% Non Owner Occupied Financing & More ! ! !

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100% Full Doc 1 – 4 Units

100% Stated Income / No Ratio Verified Assets 1 – 4 Units

100% Stated Income Stated Assets 1 Unit; 95% 2– 4 Units

NO DOC 95% 1 – 4 Units ! ! ! !

Interest Only Payment Options!

$ Cash Out: 100% Full Doc, 95% Stated & No Doc

Seller Seconds allowed up to 100% CLTV down to a 550 score for 1 – 4 units

Up to 3% Seller Concessions toward Closing Costs allowed on selected programs

No Seasoning Refinances NOO 90% 1-2 Units; 85% 3-4 Units


Have tenants in Bond for Deed Land Installment Contracts?

Ask about our Rent to Own Homebuyers’ Programs:

100% financing with cash out based on the appraised value down to a 575 FICO, and seller carry backs allowed to 100% CLTV at a 500 FICO.


Owner Occupied:


100% Full Doc 575 FICO

100% Stated Income 620 FICO

100% No Doc 680 FICO (available in VA MD DE CO IL NC PA) ! ! !

95% No Doc 620 FICO (most other states)

Seller Seconds allowed to 100% CLTV down to a 500 score

Interest Only Payments Options!


East West Mortgage is licensed in 42 states and has access to over 240 lenders and investors. Founded in 1986, we pride ourselves on being a proactive, innovative, forward-looking company that is always putting the customer first.


A to D credit, No Doc and Reduced Documentation, Interest Only, low cost and Pay Option ARMs tied to the LIBOR, Treasury rate, COFI, COSI, & CODI, 100% Investor loans, No Closing Cost loans, First Time Homebuyers, 100%, 107%, and even 125% financing.


Call us today for a consultation and let us help design a program that suits you best. We work hard for you!


Matt Cordo

East West Mortgage

Phone: 207.829.5088

Fax: 775.806.6112


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