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Andrew Ikeda

A couple of good jokes!

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Got a couple of good ones here. Enjoy!!


Q: Why doesnt Saddam go out drinking anymore?

A: He stays home and gets bombed!! :wacko:


Theres a Canadian (no offense Daryl or other Canadians) Osama Bin Laden and George Bush. They are all in a meeting together when a genie suddenly appears and gives them each one wish.

The Canadian says "Well, my father was a farmer and so was his dad, so I wish that our land will be fertile and the crops exceptional" and poooof! the genie waves her wand and Canada becomes a fertile country.

Next, she turns to Osama and asks him what he wants. He replies: "I'd like a big wall put around Afganistan. So big that nothing can come in or nothing can go out." and pooooof! the genie waves her wand and there is a huge wall around Afganistan.

Then she finally turns to President Bush and asks him what he wants. Prez. Bush is very curious about the wall surrounding Afganistan so he asks the genie about it.

Well she says: "It's 11 miles high and about 2 miles thick; solid concrete and metal. Nothing can get in and nothing or no one can get out."

To which President Bush replies: "Well then, fill it with water!!" :lol:



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Hello Howard:


Thanks for asking! It has nothing to do with Lease Options!!

If I understood Michael correctly, "the corner bar" is a place to hang out and just say stuff not related to lease options. That is how I understood it.

Glad you find the jokes amusing.

Have a good day!





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