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Is there a way for callers to reach you (like if they press 0 it connects them to you)? Personally, I'm thinking of something that allows for a few minute message, with a few mailboxes and maybe the ability to connect callers to me (I'm undecided about that, though I'm leaning toward it).


I do want a local number, though. Like I've said before, I haven't had much success having people call a toll free number (maybe because they think I'm not local or that it's harder to write down while sitting at a stop light).

They can leave the messages to contact you. I don't know about the number of boxes. Call and ask them.


I was considering using them for a number on my signs. Being a part timer it weeds out the non motivated calls.



I was using a toll free number for local advertising.... but I'm not doing that anymore. I like using the 1800 #'s for marketing to sell houses though... this is the main reason I stopped using them. One time I wanted to call a fellow investor and had to drive by the sign two times to write down the 1-877-xxx-xxxx ext xx number. I was like YIKES!!!! I f I'm having this many issues getting the number.... I bet everyone has the same problem. I have a local number now that's easy to remember.



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