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When you logout use the quick logout and you can set it to go right to Voice mail. I hope that helps....I also have 9 invites left let me know if you want one.

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For those of you using Grand Central, Have you figured out a way to use the numbers as voicemail only?


I've got four numbers set up right now. I'm planning on using them for individual property signs. However, it requires each number to be tied to a unique phone that you already have, and it rings that line when anybody calls. I'd like for it to take the message and just email me, without calling my cell/landline/etc.


Anyone figured this out?


,Mike Shanahan



BTW, I too was able to signup for all four of my accounts without getting a link from anyone.



Yes, there is a way to send all calls to voice mail.


1. Go into your Settings

2. Click WebCall Button (on the left side of your screen)

3. Alter your desired settings - such as the style of your button, and which phones

to ring OR send straight to voice mail. You can also have a different

message for each phone.


You'll then be able to copy and paste the given code, corresponding with your



As you'll notice, this is for using on your website only.

Folks just click your created button and GrandCentral handles the rest.


Hope this helps.

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Just noticed that you're wanting to send

all calls to voice mail using your yard





Just click on the Quick Rule button

at the top right of your screen.

You can then send all calls to voice mail

or enable a temporary forwarding number.

Perfect when going on vacations

or when Friday body-dumping day

rolls around.

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