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2 C A's.. Owner Ready To Sign!

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I know most of us are loaded with inventory (CA's) but thought I would post these two houses here as they are way too far for me.


Owner is ready to sign as I already did my part (he owns both houses)

Sadly he has a third house locally near me but I turned him down as the house is an older house (10 yrs)

So to make up for it, I'm helping him by having his other 2 houses RTO by someone else in the Sacramento area.


Here's the info


Both houses are 3 to 4 yrs old

Both occupied

1 House located in Elk Grove

1 House located in Arco Arena


4 or 5 Bedrooms (I think)

If you're interested in taking these two CA's, just pm me..... I guess :D

I'll give you his ph number so you can connect!



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