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Outrageous Signs on the cheap

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Oh, man, there's some good material in this thread :lol: ! Funny boys, Batman and Nanook. (Speaking of which, Doug, I think I've just come up with a new member title for ya. How does Nanook of the North grab you? Hockey Boy? Winter and July? Will Takeover Igloo Payments? :lol::lol:B) ).

OK......RatRaceHater, it's good to hear from you again. I thought maybe while unceremoniously flushing your beloved piranahas you slipped and fell, joining them in the City water supply.

I appreciate option8 revealing his bandit sign secrets
I spoke with Option8 yesterday, as a matter of fact. She never once mentioned that she is a transgender. No matter, though. The tent of The Naked Investor is large and welcomes all, regardless of orientation :lol: .

Realtors controlling your local market is pretty much the norm in most areas. This shouldn't concern you in the least. Your efforts, of course, will be concentrated on FSBO's and FRBO's. As Doug mentioned, you will find them in the daily and weekly newspapers, in the various FSBO magazines, a few online sites, and while driving and spotting signs on lawns. Ultimately, if you are serious about success, you will market aggressively so that they call you.

Personally, I prefer not to work with Realtors. I have nothing against them. Heck, I even have one or two I work with on occasion. But, for the most part, the majority take a narrow approach to this business and it doesn't compliment mine. But, that's me. There are others who feel otherwise. You'll learn what works for you, what's right for you, once you begin working this business and getting your footing. Ditto what I just said about Realtors when thinking of working with banks in any sort of creative way. Banks want cash, lots of it and today. Go into their office with an offer for a nothing down lease purchase and you will be locked in their vaults and never heard from again. Be wary....

Do I just need to dig deeper for the home owner sales?
Am I just getting ahead of my self.....
Yeah, I think you are. But, it shows you're thinking about this stuff, and that's a good thing.
Bonus Questions For MC:
OK, Regis, I'm ready.....
If you were working your job(if you have one not related to REI)What kind of volume of sales would you expect in order for you to resign the job?

For me, 4k profit per month would let me go Full Time Investor....is that a reasonable income as a Full Time Investor?

Job? I don't have no stinkin' job, man!

Actually, only you can answer that question, RRH. You know your financial needs at present. How much do you need to walk away from your truck? If you want to know if earning $4K a month is realistic, my answer is a resounding "Yes!". Just look through some of the deals that have been posted on the board and do the math. Now, I'm not saying it's easy. This stuff requires persistence and effort. But, your income and success will be a direct reflection on what you put into your business.

Just focus on CAs, and once you've got something going, expand into sandwiches or other types of investing.

Good advice, Doug. There are many deals left on the table that were there for the taking because someone wasn't crafty enough to give the homeowner what they wanted. I know, because I have nailed down many a deal over the years where the owner has told me they spoke with another investor who offered them fifty cents on the dollar, or tried to skin them with a sandwich lease type deal. Then ol' Carbonare comes along and says, "Mrs. Homeowner, I'm sorry about your awful experience with Slick Willie the SnakeOil Salesman. Let me explain what I have in mind......". And I go on to tout the advantages of my Cooperative Assignment idea and the deal gets done.

I need to study up on the COA.
You're missing out, Tony, if you're not at least considering them after a homeowner doesn't go for your sandwich lease offer.

OK, I need to grab some of Colombia's finest.........

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Bear trap rusted shut? We stop lean-to foreclosure!



The fearsome and blood thristy Canadian flat-tailed Rat...


Notice how the Beaver attacks its prey in its natural habitat: beaver1.jpg



And see the steely-eyed determination to fed on its enemies carcasses in this never-before-seen photo: beaver2.jpg




Michael, are we getting close to a complimentary Naked Investor manual yet? :lol::lol::lol: :ph34r:

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Michael, are we getting close to a complimentary Naked Investor manual yet?
I love beavers. Consider it done, O Cold One! PM me your mailing address and I'll fire it off to you tomorrow :lol: . It's about time you did a CA or three. Enjoy.....and stay warm in the meantime :ph34r: .

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Guest Rat Race Hater

Hello again,


HAHA...the jokes are funny for sure folks. Sorry option8 for the gender mistake. Thank you everyone for the advice.


I saw a house for sale by owner today and called(I was searching for a gas line at work,lol). As usual...first call and they are not too motivated but the house has only been for sale for 3 weeks and may end up for sale for a lot longer...they only have 2 signs advertising it,HEHE. It was previously owned by a lady who passed away and the family is selling it off for like 155k. I told the lady I was interested in moving into it myself and I did not come across as an investor(probably should have). There is no mortgage on the home but Im having trouble determining its value and the tax records are not showing it for some reason...I may be putting in bad info on the search engine. I just told her that I was wanting to rent to own for a couple years until I can get bank financing...then she jotted my number and name and now I guess Ill be waiting till they become motivated sellers(ill call back in a couple of months). I figure if Im going to L/P , I might as well buy my own home that way.


Just thought you folks would like to know what I did today...besides getting my company truck stuck in the mud at a housing developement for 2 hrs and digging it out....all by myself,Gawd I cant wait to get things really going.



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in my attempt to find posterboard similar to what you describe, i have only come across extremely thin yellow posterboard at officemax that looks like it would just blow in the wind if nailed to surveyor stakes. How thick is the posterboard you sue and do you have that problem.


I am looking for corrugated yellow plastic and have been told by sign companies that they sell it for $6 !!! Anyone know a cheap source for that??


I bought some yellow yard sale signs thinking i may write on the back rent 2 own but i think one may still see the yard sale part better than they would my writing. i have attempted to attach a pic of how it looks. hopefully it shows up.


please help.






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I was also disappointed with the flimsy posterboard I found.


I got some foam board (I think that is what they called it) and 2 sheets of neon orange posterboard. I made 4 two-sided signs out of it. I sandwiched the foam board between 2 pieces of posterboard and stapled it around, leaving a gap at top and bottom to slip a stake through, and then stapled it to the stake, leaving a little of the stake poking above to hit with my 3-lb hammer. I do find that the neon colors hold up well. I got a variety of cardstock when I got my first order of cards (kind of a rainbow pack to help me decide what I want) and the neon colors that are white on the back side (the inside of my double cards when folded) really hold up well and don't fade in the sun.


I use vehicle card-pocket holders which I affixed to magnets cut to fit (from the do-it-yourself car magnet kit from Office Max) , which I then attach to my car. I think it is good to have them to be removeable. I have had several people take cards when my car is parked, but so far, no great lead or deal.


There is a link to the card holder at my website www.lydiasgreathomebusiness.com



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what if you made a template used 1/2 a sheet of paper, 1stencil set, 1 exacto knife and 1 can of black spraypaint (Dollartree), how many do you think you could make in an hour with a template?  after typing this up and thinking about it, it would take away from the home made apeal but what about using it for I BUY HOUSES signs or even to just spray on your arrows on the for sale signs.



At an Art Supply store, I got some sign-lettering paint called "One Shot" brand. It comes in many colors, I got black, white, and red, and I use it on Corrugated or plastic or wood signs. I do lettering and arrows with it. Needs to be cleaned with a solvent, though--they have an odorless turpentine type solvent they sell at the art supply store, and lettering brushes in different sizes, too.


I do not recommend using spray paint and stencils--It can be SO MESSY! Hand lettering is fine, REALLY! And surprisingly quick! Fat permanent marker will hold up for a few weeks (hopefully, you don't need it longer than that!) but the lettering paint will last for years. I use lettering paint on my more generic signs (For sale, Phone number) and disposeable signs for details (price, address, etc)


I am also using the neon posterboard. Lime Green and Fuschia do make an eye-popping combination. I had been using plain old neon orange with black marker. The contrasting colors just make a HUGE difference. Also, with the posterboard and marker, there is no waiting for paint to dry.

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