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L/O in Lowell, MA (the nice part) - Bring me a T/B - Let's make so

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Wanna make some $$$???


I'm looking for a tenant/buyer for a house in Lowell, MA (Near Dracut and Tewksbury in the Belvidere neighborhood)


36 month lease w/ option,


$2,100/mo with $735/mo rent credit

Purchase price of $340,000

Looking for $15,000 down (4.5%)


Bring me a qualified tenant/buyer and we'll split the option $$$


3 bed 2 bath

2314 sq ft

.3 acres

2 car garage


Enormous deck/patio - great for entertaining during the spring/summer months


Really is a beautiful house and because of how it's set back from the road (and up a hill) it's surprisingly quiet and peaceful for being so close to everything (5 minutes to Rt 3 and 495 as well as downtown Lowell)





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Pretty house, Chris. Nice ad, too. I can't help you with this one, but what kind of marketing are you doing locally and how has the response been?

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I've got about half a dozen bandit signs up nearby so far (with a bunch more to go up, but it's been raining the last several days and the turn signal switch in my car is acting funky, so I'm out there trying to do this without getting killed with no turn signals....), and I've been going nuts with it on Craigslist (posting different ads in the FSBO and for rent sections SEVERAL times a day), facebook, my blog, Postlets (which sends it to a whole bunch of other sites ie. zillow, etc.), eBay classifieds, emailed it out to local investors/ investor-agents who are in this general area, a YouTube video (some craigslist ads linked to the youtube video with this picture, had about 20 views since I put the video up last night),...




Gonna go to the local REIA meeting tonight (I usually try and go anyways) and spread the word there, too...


So far my investor/agent friend who works in and around the Lowell area has 2 buyers who are interested, showed the house to one of them and they like it but won't have the $$$ to put down till next month.


I've had some phone calls, a lot of them from the bandit signs with people (who all sound like zombies on the other end) asking if I take Section 8 (to be expected in this area I suppose)


I've got till the end of December to find a buyer, but I'd really like to move this thing ASAP.

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Chris, that's some extensive marketing you've got in place. You'll move it, unless your numbers are so far out of whack. :rolleyes: But they're not, so just keep pushing it.

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