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Do You have a property/s to sell?

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Then list it with us for maximum

benefits absolutely FREE and you

never pay us any commissions,

PLUS we have Buyer incentives

that you can use to your benefit:


Buyers Incentive:

PropertyWikia will pay the Buyers

legal fees, survey costs, and also

50% of their moving expenses!


Tenants Incentive:

PropertyWikia will pay 50% of the

tenants moving expenses.



When a buyer/Tenant contacts you

from a different source

you can offer them our Buyer or

Tenant Incentive. Simply

give them the link to your listing

with us and tell them to

register for free as a Buyer or

Tenant, they simply connect

with you through the link and they

receive the incentive

and you complete the sale same as



Go here for private owners:



Realtor or Agent/Broker go here:


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