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As most of you all know, I have been so very blessed to have a very strong minded woman that spearheaded and developed the credit improvement program and the financing for Leasing to Buy to assist our T/B's.

I was always hesitant to post her info here for the fear that a bunch of people would contact her and ask random questions but the people would never actually use her services.

Rachel Robertson is the backbone to the structure and flow of Leasing to Buy, and will go beyond the call to help people prepare for finance.

Given the changes in guidelines, a buyer needs 2 very very vital things.

Education. Preparation.

RAchel provides both these things.

She keeps her fingers on the pulse of the guidelines, and she also provides the utmost support and preparation from a credit standpoint.

If you all need a go to person for your T/B's for credit improvement, Rachel is the person.

Her screen name is EnvisionResults, as her company is Envision Financial.

She has put up with me for over 9 years, so she can take any abuse or horrid jokes you can toss her way.

Anyway..that's my intro to Rachel, so feel free to post any questions you have here regarding credit improvement etc.

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What a nice intro – I am shocked by it and it’s taken me a while to gather my thoughts and focus. Especially when it comes from the Nations #1 Sales Person – I hope I can live up to his hype! :)


I am Rachel Robertson and have worked with John Jackson for 9 years (please hold all applause until the end). Actually John is truly one of the best people that I know – if I can keep him focused – I would be far less stressed! :)


He KNOWS his stuff and is an industry leader and I am privileged to work with him (John be sure to send my check)


On to business:


Envision was created 9 years ago to partner with Leasing to Buy specifically because John and I were disgusted with other companies that ‘sold’ us on their services for LTBs TBs. When we realized that they were nowhere near the caliber of company we wanted to be associated with – I jumped head first into developing what we needed.


Originally we just did the standard disputing and TB preparation – all with the mindset that we would help the Tenants get back on track and learn habits to stay there. Our program has evolved over the years and we are so confident in it – we opened it up a few years back to Agents, Lenders and other Lease Option companies for their clients.


To our knowledge, there is not another program out there like ours – and if there is – it sure isn’t as inexpensive is ours!

Check out www.EnVisionFS.com to see what we offer with a brief description. For this blog – I believe that the credit improvement program (CIP) or mortgage planning and preparation (MPP) is what you all are interested in.


I have been in the mortgage industry in some capacity for 8+ years. With that experience - we keep our programs on the forefront of the highest possible credit improvement strategies or mortgage planning as we base it on the high standards of mortgage financing. Now even if someone is not looking to purchase or refinance – our program will help them; because what we do is lifelong not short-term.

Credit Improvement Program – We offer 2 options – we do the work with you OR we tell you what you need to do and you do the work yourself. We prepare an individual success plan based on a current (30days or less) credit report. We coach, mentor and follow our clients to success. These programs are PROACTIVE – meaning clients don’t sit back and think it is going to happen without the client interference, effort, hard work and often times additional financial resources.


We do NOT believe in CREDIT REPAIR – disputing alone does NOT work and is challenged in our mortgage world today. John will tell you – I do not like to be called credit repair or see the words credit repair as it is so negative and misleading. Strategies for Improvement are nothing less than diligence, hard work and KNOWLEDGE! That is where we come in – KNOWLEDGE. The efforts and changes the clients will make in our program with Envision set them up for not only mortgage success but lifelong success as well. The damages to their credit history, budget etc – didn’t happen overnight therefore success won’t either – but with a proper PLAN – success will happen!


Mortgage Planning and Prep – is included in the full service CIP OR can be on its own. This program identifies what is necessary to obtain mortgage financing per individual. If married – we still look at each person individually because if they are on the loan – they will be individually scrutinized in underwriting. If they are NOT on the loan for income – but their debts are added – we must have a plan to insure the ratios for mortgage comply.


If we can assist you or your clients, please let us know! Thanks for allowing me this brief intro (or long).

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Hello, Rachel, and welcome to The Naked Investor. Thanks for sharing that info with us. (You do understand you aren't being paid by the word, right?). . .

After seeing your picture, what choice did I have but to change your member title from n00b to The Money Honey. One of the perks of being the big, bad board Administrator.

One of the questions which I am sure is out there: can you assist folks in all 50 states or are your powers limited?

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I apparently had that name before I even posted a profile picture.


YES - for our CIP and MPP programs we can work with clients nationwide.


For Financing - currently we are limited to FHA regionally to Texas. But Conventional - we can lend nationwide. However, I spoke with a new bank yesterday we might be able to do more FHA nationwide - if he can confirm they are licensed and registered to do so. If they are - that opens up our financing ability as well. Will keep you all posted on that part of it.


However - we get the clients ready to go using current most up to date financing guidelines - so whatever lender they choose to use - should not have an issue getting them financed when the client is ready.



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