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Seller needs more than home is worth

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Hey everypne it sure has been quiet on the forum lately


Looking for good advise on this call I received yesterday, hope you folks can help


seller was quite cooperative when I returned there call and I felt like I wanted to try and see if I can help them out


They asked for advise on a lease option as they are thinking of renting a real nice home they have in a good area.

Price asking is 200k worth about 181

they asked if I thought a 3-4 yr option would work and I was not sure if it would help

Several people wanted to rent it (of course)


The mortgage payment is $1600 per mo. and is from what realtor said is in line with the area


They were quite nice and I think if possible I could do a c/a l/p, if it would work with an extended term

Any help appreciated on this one


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The first question I have is why are they asking $20K above value?

Can you do a long term deal, say 4 or 5 years? Sure. But the problem will be finding a t/b who is willing to gamble whatever option money they put down that values will increase during the agreement period.

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