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Cooperative Lease Option Help!! Anybody!!

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Hey Guys,


My name is Nick and im a pure L/O newbie from Missouri. I got the manual here recently and read it over once and then again briefly. Been back and fourth with Micheal, but i understand his time cost. So im coming to the forum for some help.


The 2 things i have been getting confused on is how the rent credits or seller concessions work with the agreements (i will be using seller concessions). I understand the are credited towards the purchase price, but how is it calculated and if u agreed on one price with the seller and then another price with the T/B because of the credit, how does the work with the 1st agreement you signed with the seller.


And then what order to get the contracts signed when doing a actual deal. I guess i could have asked him this, but can anybody break all this down to me in lamest terms, or better yet, give a example of a actually deal from start to finish, so i can digest it that way, which i think will better for me to understand it. Im more of a visual learner then a book learner. :D

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Nick, yes you are going to have two different prices. Let me try to break it down for you.


You go into an agreement with a rental contract and option to purchase contract with seller = purchase price is sellers net


Now you can market the property because you have an equitable interest.


Once you find a perspective tenant/buyer you can assign your first agreement that you have with the seller to the new tenant buyer for a fee


The purchase price that the new buyer sees is the net of the seller + your assignment fee + rent credits.


Seller wants to net $100K

Your fee $3K

Rent credits $2k

Buyers purchase price $105K


Make sense.

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