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How do you get your leads? (SEO, Mailing, Signs, etc.)

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Hey everyone! Caleb Luketic here, I own Favor Home Solutions in Nashville, TN. I am trying to see what is working in everyone else's market as far as lead generation. I use Investor Carrot for my website, and that seems to be working pretty well. But I don't just want to sit around and wait for sellers to find me, ya know? I want to find the sellers!

SO, what works best for you guys finding sellers? Do you use bandit signs? If so, elaborate of how you hang them and where, etc.

Do you mail certain lists? If so, which lists (Absentee, probate, divorce, etc.).

What website do you use to mail those lists? I'm looking for cheap ways to mail some lists!

Do you knock doors?

Whatever you do that works, please share! I'm intrigued to see what I can do to ramp up my business!

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Hi, Caleb, and welcome to The Naked Investor.

Marketing is key, as you obviously already know. I see you've got your Carrot site up and running. That's a good start. From reading your post above it sounds like you're already well schooled in what needs to be done. With marketing it comes down to persistence and diversity. In other words you always need to be marketing and you always need to track your results and change on the fly as those results dictate. It runs the spectrum from fast and free, (emails), to text marketing, bandit signs, and direct mail. Some sites and programs that might interest you: My+Leads; Callfire; Mojo Dialer; Call Loop; Sly Broadcast; Skipio; Vulcan 7; Property Farm; Podio; and Hubzu.

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