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#49440 voicemail wording.

Posted by pilot76180 on 22 February 2013 - 04:07 PM

You all need to hear my 60 second schpeel....

Sellers call me, and I am "pulling up to a meeting, but if I could get some quick information from you then I can pull some data to your specific home, and go thru everything in detail, but it looks like my client is here so let me grab some information from you and get back with you when I can go into more detail.  First of all, what's the property address?   And is this number a good number to call  you back on?  Is your property listed?  IF so, how much are you asking?  Great, I need to meet with this client, but let me get your e-mail info and I can work on everything for you when I get back to the office and I can e-mail you some preliminary info..."


I just got all the data I need. 

I then go back to watching recordings of Shark Tank. 

No need to spend 3 hours discussing FHA guidelines...

Seriously....I'm not here to chit chat...

I'm here to get crap done. 

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#48226 Discouraged!!

Posted by <Steve> on 21 August 2012 - 07:09 PM

Now David I know you are a free-market-capitalist, and you know how screwed everything is at the moment. In my market people are just standing around with deer eyes thinking some Politian is going to save them and make everything better. You and I both know that is bullshit. With any business today you have to literally work three times as hard to get half the results that we did a few years ago, if you’re lucky. I am not sure if you are working a job now, but you can get a piece of “card board” and write Rent-To-Own with your number and place them around for not cost but a marking pen. Just tell the seller it makes potential tenant/buyers think they don’t have to deal with a corporate real estate agent and believe it or not these crapy signs can bring in more calls.
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#2326 The email marketing instruction course!!!!!!

Posted by TPSG, LLC on 24 May 2003 - 10:27 AM


So what if I told you that with a couple hours of work, you could easily get 50-100 guaranteed, qualified, and verified leads!

Now I know before some of us had talked about email marketing before and got some flack for some of it, but I wanted to really tell and teach you all what kind of success I have had, how I did it, and how you can too.

First, I went on to every FSBO site possible (if you want this list, let me know). From there I grabbed every email address that I could find...mind you, some sites don't give you email addresses, but they allow you to email the owners. So let's say you grab all the email address you can find, then you go back to the sites that don't have email address BUT you send a message to the "seller." So you put in your Contact name (first name), your email address (now here is where I got flack...I use a non business email address, as to seem more personable and not such a business, because all I am looking for is information right now), your subject (which I put as "home still for sale?"), and your message which should be this:

"Sorry for the 50 questions, but I am curious, Is your home still for sale? If so, what is the address for the home
for sale? How long have you had it on the market and why are you selling and when do you need to sell by?

I am looking for homes in the area.

Thank you."

...and then I hit "submit" or "send" whatever the site has. The site will automatically send an email to that person selling their home with your email address and message attached. Now, I take the email addresses that I grabbed and I open up my email program (I use Outlook) but if you use yahoo or hotmail, etc you can do the same thing. I then paste all of the emails in the "Bcc:" part of the email header....if you don't see the "Bcc:" option in Outlook, then go up to the "View" tab and click on "Bcc: field." Why this is important is that this means "Blind Carbon Copy" which means that whoever you send this email to will never see who else you are sending it to, so they won't think you are sending 50 emails around just for information, which you are ;) Then again, put the subject and message above into the email and then put, "Thanks, (put your first name here)" and then hit send.

Now what will happen is pretty amazing, at least it was to me. Because I sent out over 100 emails, combined between sites sending them and me. What I got back was 10 or so email addresses were invalid or not around anymore, but then over the course of the next week, I got back over 50 emails telling me everything about their property, their phone number, their address, and MOST IMPORTANTLY I had every single one tell me why they are selling and when they need to sell by! B)

So now, all I had to do was weed through all the emails to find out who's house had sold and throw those out, and then I printed out all the emails and put them in order from greatest need to sell to least and then I start calling. Now...here's the important part, when I call, this is what I say...I tell them that "I am calling you regarding a friend I have who told me your home was for sale and saw it on the internet"....and then the rest is textbook conversation. But what is great though, is that I already have tons of info on them and their situation, so if I know they need to sell right away, I can use different lingo or bring up different scenario's from the beginning. :ph34r:

The whole process of finding and sending emails takes about an hour or so to do, but think about it...you get back over 50% responses, telling you exactly what you need to know and now you don't have to waste your time calling these people cold-call in the first place, (which I hope you were going to do anyway) because you now know who needs what, etc.

The whole point is that YOU ARE IN CONTROL and you are making the internet and technology work for you. Hope this all helps and remember, think smarter not harder.

Have a great weekend all...
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#50826 TRUMP as a Presidential Nominee?

Posted by MichaelC on 16 March 2016 - 10:12 AM

I'm all in for Trump.  Like many voters, I am exhausted by the same old crap that comes out of Washington.  The fact that the establishment is so fearful of a Trump nomination tells me he is on to something.  It's time for term limits, for starters.  The concept of serving the people that vote for you is long gone with these fat cats.  I mean, 30 years a senator or congressman?  Serve a 4 year term and get the hell out.  If you can't make a difference in that time you never will.  It's going to be a fun few months to watch how all this plays out.  Unfortunately for Trump, he has the odds stacked against him.  The media is in the tank for Hill & Bill, and the Clinton machine is well financed and dirty.

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#48610 Realtor Games -- spending too much time showing property

Posted by <Steve> on 10 October 2012 - 04:06 PM

I like to group showings if the property is hot. I typically don't show on the same day someone calls and never show on weekends if someone calls on the weekend. Phone screening is key to get rid of the want-a-bees. Usually placing importance on having someone who can purchase in (1) year and mentioning the required option consideration and first month's rent before move-in screens out a bunch. It's like trying to talk them out of the house and letting any potential tenant/buyer talk me into showing it to them. Also, if credit is an issue, I will get more info as to what the credit issue is and if they know their score. I will always call (1) hour before a showing to confirm they will be there. Still, showing the house is part of the game and meeting them in person is part of my screening of any potential tenant/buyer.
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#50770 Postlets/Zillow

Posted by <Steve> on 27 January 2016 - 09:41 PM

Well I have a couple Lease Purchase properties on Postlets and have updated them to Zillow in the "for rent" section, and I am slammed with emails and calls.  Probably 25 to 30 emails from zillow, trulia and hotpads and minimal from craigs.  Reminds me of the good old days.  It sure seems this is where buyers and tenant/buyers are at.  I am sure sellers will, if they are smart, follow and post more on Zillow.  I just answered 5 emails writing this post. sheesh


Now all we need is an economy where people can start making some money.  :huh:

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