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#49440 voicemail wording.

Posted by pilot76180 on 22 February 2013 - 04:07 PM

You all need to hear my 60 second schpeel....

Sellers call me, and I am "pulling up to a meeting, but if I could get some quick information from you then I can pull some data to your specific home, and go thru everything in detail, but it looks like my client is here so let me grab some information from you and get back with you when I can go into more detail.  First of all, what's the property address?   And is this number a good number to call  you back on?  Is your property listed?  IF so, how much are you asking?  Great, I need to meet with this client, but let me get your e-mail info and I can work on everything for you when I get back to the office and I can e-mail you some preliminary info..."


I just got all the data I need. 

I then go back to watching recordings of Shark Tank. 

No need to spend 3 hours discussing FHA guidelines...

Seriously....I'm not here to chit chat...

I'm here to get crap done. 

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#48226 Discouraged!!

Posted by <Steve> on 21 August 2012 - 07:09 PM

Now David I know you are a free-market-capitalist, and you know how screwed everything is at the moment. In my market people are just standing around with deer eyes thinking some Politian is going to save them and make everything better. You and I both know that is bullshit. With any business today you have to literally work three times as hard to get half the results that we did a few years ago, if you’re lucky. I am not sure if you are working a job now, but you can get a piece of “card board” and write Rent-To-Own with your number and place them around for not cost but a marking pen. Just tell the seller it makes potential tenant/buyers think they don’t have to deal with a corporate real estate agent and believe it or not these crapy signs can bring in more calls.
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#47509 Door hangers

Posted by pilot76180 on 08 June 2012 - 08:37 AM

I put this out earlier this week in an e-mail, but I thought I'd post it here if it might help anyone.
Years ago I did door hangers to try to market, and I didn't do very many at all, I just had them in the car and if I saw a sign in a yard, and had time, I might put up a door hanger. Yet from those few door hangers I actually got some calls, which then led me into the direct mail.
Anyway, I thought I'd circle back to how you can do it on a larger scale. You can even go to Zaarly.com and hire someone for $50 or $75 or whatever to go hang them for you. Hope the info below helps!

When it comes to marketing, I think it's good to look to mix things up. I mentioned before that this is a slow time to do direct mailing, and I probably won't do another mailout till late July, and I'll hit it very heavy in August and September.
HOWEVER..this doesn't mean you can't get creative right now.
Before I did direct mail, I would drive around and put flyers on doors to houses that had a sign in the yard. I got at least a tiny response, so that lead me to going to direct mail. Now, this was about 9 years ago, and I can assure you...my little pamphlet was probably AWFUL!!! I've certainly developed far better marketing material since then, and if you've ordered the direct mailout video I've sent you a copy of what I use.
Do you know why I started doing direct mail? Because the first thing I did that started the phone ringing was DOOR FLYERS! Can you believe that? It's true!

So...if you want to do some almost free advertising, here's what you can do..
1) Order your brochures or postcards based on my samples. (You can get 5000 for about $340, or you can just order 1,000 or so.)
2) Order some door hanger bags from Uline. Here is a link for you.http://www.uline.com...ds=door hangers
3) Go to Realtor.com and/or BuyOwner/FSBO.com and pull the addresses for houses in a SPECIFIC zip code or area you want to target.
4) Drive around listing to your favorite 80's rock music on your i-pod or phone and put door hangers on the addresses you pulled.

If you plan it right, you could easily put flyers on at least 50-75 doors on any given day.
This may not seem like a lot, but you do this a few times on days when you weren't going to do anything anyway, and after a few times you've hung a few hundred flyers.
If you got 1 house...1 house from doing that...that would be more money from that one house than many people make in a month.
If I did this for a couple of days, I bet I could EASILY get 2-3 houses out of it using the brochures or postcards I use now.
If you are just starting out, and looking to get some experience talking to sellers and learning your area, I would highly recommend this.
Sometimes you just have to go back to what works.
Do you know why Coca Cola would replay the commercial with "I'd like to teach the world to sing"..it was old..but...it WORKED!
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#2326 The email marketing instruction course!!!!!!

Posted by TPSG, LLC on 24 May 2003 - 10:27 AM


So what if I told you that with a couple hours of work, you could easily get 50-100 guaranteed, qualified, and verified leads!

Now I know before some of us had talked about email marketing before and got some flack for some of it, but I wanted to really tell and teach you all what kind of success I have had, how I did it, and how you can too.

First, I went on to every FSBO site possible (if you want this list, let me know). From there I grabbed every email address that I could find...mind you, some sites don't give you email addresses, but they allow you to email the owners. So let's say you grab all the email address you can find, then you go back to the sites that don't have email address BUT you send a message to the "seller." So you put in your Contact name (first name), your email address (now here is where I got flack...I use a non business email address, as to seem more personable and not such a business, because all I am looking for is information right now), your subject (which I put as "home still for sale?"), and your message which should be this:

"Sorry for the 50 questions, but I am curious, Is your home still for sale? If so, what is the address for the home
for sale? How long have you had it on the market and why are you selling and when do you need to sell by?

I am looking for homes in the area.

Thank you."

...and then I hit "submit" or "send" whatever the site has. The site will automatically send an email to that person selling their home with your email address and message attached. Now, I take the email addresses that I grabbed and I open up my email program (I use Outlook) but if you use yahoo or hotmail, etc you can do the same thing. I then paste all of the emails in the "Bcc:" part of the email header....if you don't see the "Bcc:" option in Outlook, then go up to the "View" tab and click on "Bcc: field." Why this is important is that this means "Blind Carbon Copy" which means that whoever you send this email to will never see who else you are sending it to, so they won't think you are sending 50 emails around just for information, which you are ;) Then again, put the subject and message above into the email and then put, "Thanks, (put your first name here)" and then hit send.

Now what will happen is pretty amazing, at least it was to me. Because I sent out over 100 emails, combined between sites sending them and me. What I got back was 10 or so email addresses were invalid or not around anymore, but then over the course of the next week, I got back over 50 emails telling me everything about their property, their phone number, their address, and MOST IMPORTANTLY I had every single one tell me why they are selling and when they need to sell by! B)

So now, all I had to do was weed through all the emails to find out who's house had sold and throw those out, and then I printed out all the emails and put them in order from greatest need to sell to least and then I start calling. Now...here's the important part, when I call, this is what I say...I tell them that "I am calling you regarding a friend I have who told me your home was for sale and saw it on the internet"....and then the rest is textbook conversation. But what is great though, is that I already have tons of info on them and their situation, so if I know they need to sell right away, I can use different lingo or bring up different scenario's from the beginning. :ph34r:

The whole process of finding and sending emails takes about an hour or so to do, but think about it...you get back over 50% responses, telling you exactly what you need to know and now you don't have to waste your time calling these people cold-call in the first place, (which I hope you were going to do anyway) because you now know who needs what, etc.

The whole point is that YOU ARE IN CONTROL and you are making the internet and technology work for you. Hope this all helps and remember, think smarter not harder.

Have a great weekend all...
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#50826 TRUMP as a Presidential Nominee?

Posted by MichaelC on 16 March 2016 - 10:12 AM

I'm all in for Trump.  Like many voters, I am exhausted by the same old crap that comes out of Washington.  The fact that the establishment is so fearful of a Trump nomination tells me he is on to something.  It's time for term limits, for starters.  The concept of serving the people that vote for you is long gone with these fat cats.  I mean, 30 years a senator or congressman?  Serve a 4 year term and get the hell out.  If you can't make a difference in that time you never will.  It's going to be a fun few months to watch how all this plays out.  Unfortunately for Trump, he has the odds stacked against him.  The media is in the tank for Hill & Bill, and the Clinton machine is well financed and dirty.

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#50452 Lease Application Receipt and Option Consideration Receipt

Posted by <Steve> on 11 March 2015 - 04:38 PM



My goal is to get the best tenant/buyer I can for the seller, so I am not in a rush to place someone and there are plenty of potential tenant/buyer prospects anyway.  So if I am doing a CA, I will do my due diligence with the application, and when I receive all the information needed and they look good, I will share it with the seller for their review.  When I get the seller's approval, we then move forward with the final paper work to close the deal.  A SLO is a little different because I am managing my interest in the deal with a tenant/buyer.


Most of the time t/bs will be moving in the first day of the next month, giving me a couple weeks or so before the start of the lease.  I like to get the full consideration when we sign the final paper work, but will take a partial.  I will need all funds paid on or before move-in before the t/b gets the keys & possession. This also gives me time to complete the memorandum and any other lose ends to get ready for move-in.


"When Steve talks, people listen"  Wish someone would tell my kids that! :P


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#50049 Automated Craigslist Searches and Emails

Posted by mhmi on 03 January 2014 - 01:46 PM

After playing with this for a couple of days here are the negative keywords I've added that have really helped clear out the ads that are a waste for me. I just added the ones I thought of, saw the results and kept adding ones that I came across and ran it again (without setting up the reply email during my testing). It's not fullproof, you can do mispellings too, like some forgot the e at the end of mobile, so some slip through the cracks, but then I go through and hand delete those ones before having it send the emails. Some you may not want depending on who you are targeting. But it's a good start. This is a great software!


-agent -realtor -apartment -investor -"rent to own" -rehabbers -investment -wholesale -"owner financing" -"lot for sale" -"land for sale" -"lease purchase" -"lease-purchase" -"cash flow" -cash -investors -apartments -"seller will finance" -"credit is approved" -"bad credit" -habitat -"owner finance" -vacation -"lease to own" -commercial -"home loan" -"seller financed" -"mobile home" -"private financing" -landlord -trailer -wholesaling

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#49901 Straight Option or Land Contract Flip???

Posted by JvM on 21 August 2013 - 09:23 PM

Another idea maybe to market a Lease Purchase with bank or owner financing.  The lease/option term is set for one full year, as a kind of test run before committing to a contract for deed.  If the tenant/buyer works out well for that year, then the offering of a longer term more permanent owner finance / Contract for Deed can be entered into with down payment.  The seller & tenant/buyer can consult an attorney to put it together; maybe you can locate and suggest a good attorney. You may not get the 20K, but you can get option consideration.  Or if comfortable, work as a consultant, receive a consultant fee down the road for the set up of the contract for deed.



Jay, I agree with Steve.  And this is one of those times when it might be the prudent thing to speak with an investor friendly attorney, (one who is a member of a local REIC?), and explain what you're trying to do.  There's a potential for a nice payday and you don't want a paperwork technicality to screw things up. 



Good ideas, all. After researching more on CD deals, we are looking for a local mortgage broker to write up/originate the docs to comply with the SAFE act.

Actually, on this deal I'm going to talk with the owner to go over the advantages of doing a lease purchase over a contract for deed. Even if we make less, it seems to me it's a way better (less risky) option for an owner.


For any future owners who are dead set on a CD over a lease purchase, we will have the m. broker write it up for us.


Thanks again.

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#49840 First phone conversation. How not to blow it?

Posted by Doug Pretorius (ON) on 07 July 2013 - 03:58 PM

Don't worry about 'blowing it' Justin. There are more sellers where they came from. Remember, your job is to eliminate not to convince. You can't talk a seller into doing something creative, you can only qualify or disqualify them.

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#49754 You can Make 20k per month $$$

Posted by #1investor_cream on 03 June 2013 - 07:02 PM

You can Easily make Six Figures annually doing C/A's

Thanks to this Forum for teaching me everything I know.
If I can do it... Anyone can Do it !!!

No Excuses! I dropped out of High School and was considered a failure.

This forum is like a University. I can know teach anyone to do this.
Thanks to everyone here.

My advice.... Read the forum, apply the info, get paid and repeat.
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#49548 Legal mumbo jumbo

Posted by MichaelC on 19 March 2013 - 04:46 AM

She wants you to tell her where you get your info from?  "I'm an investor and lease options are one of the strategies I use to quickly get a deal done".  Then be quiet.

She asked how you do this and not be a Realtor?  "I'm a principal in every deal I do".  Then be quiet.

Law/statute?  "I don't need no stinkin' law/statute to invest in real estate and do what I do".  Then be quiet.

If that doesn't satisfy her, pull the plug on this one ASAP.  No need to allow these homeowners to drag you through the mud for weeks on end.  Either they want to do business or they don't.  Right now, she's calling the shots.  Stay in control!

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#49237 Pure Option "class"

Posted by Propertymagnets on 29 January 2013 - 12:38 AM


So Mr. Seller"if I were to offer you ALL CASH for your property today"what would
be the absolute BEST PRICE you could give me on the house? <shut up here!>[Seller gives you the price]

“Is that the BEST you can do?” I need to be able to negotiate with my customers – so there
has to be some wiggle room in order to make a profit, you can understand that, right? So
with that in mind, what would be the absolute least you could take for the property for an all
cash, fast sale?
You need to be sure that the CASH price you get will be a chunk less than what the seller is asking for the home. If it is, go ahead and write up the deal. If it isn’t, walk
away. (I re-learned this today from MichaelC :-)!! Thanks Mr. C.
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#49120 Email Marketing--not getting replies?

Posted by pilot76180 on 09 January 2013 - 12:55 PM

First off Doug...I admire that you got your picture taken with a cheerleader and you post it up on the web for all to see...

Next..I don't do e-mail marketing...but my lady in a basement in Indonesia does...and she uses my scrapers I had developed, and I am getting 2 houses this week from her e-mailing toClist...

I think marketing for any product or market is cyclical....

So...keep at it, but be willing to adjust and change. 

As far as what Shar said...I think there is something to be said about "letting the radar down" when a lady e-mails you.

Whether the seller is a male or female.

BTW- I've used Shar's picture as mine on a number of forums...guess what?  

EVERYONE wants to be my friend!!!!

I used Michaels....and funeral homes contact me saying I owe them money...

Go figure...

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#48861 Just saying Hi

Posted by MichaelC on 28 November 2012 - 10:34 AM

what does your card say Michael? just curious :D

Michael Carbonare
Drunkard, Lover, Con Man :rolleyes:

Actually, Daniel, you have one of my cards. The layout is straightforward:

Carbo Properties, LLC.
Specializing in Lease Purchase

And the usual assortment of contact info in the corners.
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#48610 Realtor Games -- spending too much time showing property

Posted by <Steve> on 10 October 2012 - 04:06 PM

I like to group showings if the property is hot. I typically don't show on the same day someone calls and never show on weekends if someone calls on the weekend. Phone screening is key to get rid of the want-a-bees. Usually placing importance on having someone who can purchase in (1) year and mentioning the required option consideration and first month's rent before move-in screens out a bunch. It's like trying to talk them out of the house and letting any potential tenant/buyer talk me into showing it to them. Also, if credit is an issue, I will get more info as to what the credit issue is and if they know their score. I will always call (1) hour before a showing to confirm they will be there. Still, showing the house is part of the game and meeting them in person is part of my screening of any potential tenant/buyer.
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#48317 The Seller's Price

Posted by <Steve> on 25 August 2012 - 06:17 PM

I just wanted to throw this out here as there has been a lot of talk about market values and the price the seller wants.

Getting the lowest purchase price and rent amount is key to getting a good deal. Sellers will always tell you what they WANT not what they NEED. The idea is to get the seller to agree to a lower price of what they need not what they want.

I typically talk about price towards the end of the conversation after building a rapport with the seller and have most all of my questions answered.

I ask, “Mr. Seller do you know the market value of your house, what your house would appraise for?” The seller gives me some number.

I then ask, “So, what is the lowest amount you NEED for your house?” By this time the seller knows they do not have to pay commissions, fees or closing cost or I will remind them and I will get a bit lower number.

At this point when I get this number it is still what they Want not what they Need. I will then respond in a way that makes it sound like they are absolutely CRAZY! for wanting such a price. I respond, and then sit very quite…


I then sit quite and don’t say anything else. It may only be a few seconds but it feels like a life time. I can feel the seller uncomfortably squirming in the silence. Then the seller dependant on motivation and situation surprisingly comes up with a number they need and it can be in the thousands of dollars lower than their want price.

The goal for me is to get the lowest purchase price the seller needs for his house, to get the lowest price possible to make the deal work.

What do you do? Or do you?
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#48290 $$ per sf

Posted by MichaelC on 24 August 2012 - 06:33 AM

Who decides the price per sf of a property?

The buyer. What someone is willing to pay determines better than everything else what a property is worth.
Appraisals, cost per SF, etc are all starting points. From there human emotions take over.
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#47639 Are SLO's Dead?

Posted by lomax_properties on 29 June 2012 - 10:48 AM

Also, you are not getting an apraisal at time of your agreement with seller. So when you go to close you aren't going to have an apraisal at 100K and then one at 110K. You are going to have an apraisal at time of closeing for the 110K and your contract with the seller should be at 100K or less. So your criteria should be buying the property at around a 15% discount. Wholesalers are finding properties at 30-40% discount. It comes down to being a numbers game. Ramp up the marketing and only speak to motivated sellers who need their mortgage covered and are losing money by keeping the house especially if it is vacant. So don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Period. Their are people out there that are finding homes at much larger discount and doing double closings. Find a good mortgage broker to work with and have all your buyers use him for their funding. They don't use your mortage guy, they don't buy your home. Same with your title company. Also, make sure you have good criteria for your SLOs. I would say 300 mo cash flow, purchase the property at 15% bellow market value, and shooting for a 15-20K profit when it closes.

A man is measured by the size of the obstacles he overcomes.
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#47027 Houses with zero or negative equity

Posted by Lynn (FL) on 16 February 2012 - 02:01 PM

Refer it to an investor who does short sales. Tell him (or her) that you want a finder's fee when it closes...a year later.

Lynn (FL)
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#46949 Appraisals again!

Posted by pilot76180 on 25 January 2012 - 10:49 PM

Dear worried one.....
I see you called so I'll return your call tomorrow after I take a few aspirin....
The problem here is not her concern about the appraisal, but rather, that she owes you $$.
If someone is in a house with me, and they are concerned about the appraisal, I tell them that the owner would rather sell it to them or work with them than have it sit empty, but all of that doesn't matter if they can't even get financed yet.
I've had a few houses that appraised for under the Option Price, and every time the owner sold at the appraisal value.
Having said that, I try to be very realistic on the Option PRice.
What you have here is a lady that owes you $1500 or so of the option fee,....which...from this point forward you will NEVER spread out again (right?) and she is worried about the appraisal value.
However, she has no freakin clue if she'll be able to qualify, so she just wants to hold the $1500 as ransom essentially.
I'e had people in houses that called me and said they were worried about the appraisal.
I'd ask Oh, did you get approved for financing?"
"No, not yet, we still aren't ready."
"Oh...did you have an appraisal?"
"No, but we saw a house down the street sell for less than this house."
"Well, once you are ready for finance the lender will order an appraisal and if it comes in less than the Option PRice we'll get with the owner, but at this point it's a non-issue."
Tell her to either pay the $1500 remaining or you'll advise the owner not to release title and she'll lose everything she's put into it anyway, but if she pays at least you all can look to put something together, but she's worried about the appraisal of a house that she can't even purchase yet.
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