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Posted 04 September 2009 - 10:31 PM

Has anyone looked at www.iRentToOwn.com lately? Is it a joke or am I am crack? Go ahead and Google "rent to own homes". They are always on top of the first page.

Try looking for a rent to own home in a large city on their site. You won't find ANY rent to own homes. (Beware - you have to register first. Only give them a junk email address. Don't give them your real one. They will hit you with spam.)

Any house that does come up, when you click on them, they lead you to www.foreclosure.com where you have to pay to see any information on the foreclosed homes.

Then, try finding a link where you can list one of your own rent to own homes like they say you can. Nowhere to be found, hu?

How about this... click on the "Contact Us" link on the bottom. Fill out the form like you are going to send them a comment. Where does it direct you? Foreclosure.com (the worst real estate website on the planet by the way.)

They claim to be the "largest marketplace for Rent To Own Homes in the United States", but it looks like they are just a front for other paid foreclosure listings and various credit repair scams.

Does anyone have any more information on these guys, or know who they are?

They need to be banned from the internet. This is very frustrating to me. And it hacks me off because my tenant-buyers go to this site all the time when they search for rent to own homes on the internet. It's deceptive and gives us all a bad name.

I complained to Google and the BBB. If this makes you upset like it does me, please complain also.



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Posted 05 September 2009 - 09:45 PM

I've seen this scam all over Craigslist, except that there are several different companies doing it. They advertise as if they have properties available, and then you get linked to a site trying to sell you foreclosure lists. I looked over this iRentToOwn.com and it's awful. Of course, the site doesn't have to be any good if their only goal is to sell you a list. The biggest problem I have, besides the lying and giving us a bad name and selling something that you can get for free, is that they don't provide a list! I know of three people who (stupidly) paid the $20 or whatever and never heard from this company again.

According to my DA friends, there isn't a whole lot that can be done. These "companies" don't physically exist, they only operate throught the internet. Even if you shut them down, they'll just start another site and continue scamming people. The BBB wouldn't be any help either, since businesses don't have to belong to the BBB. The BBB is where legit businesses go to prove their legit. These guys don't care if people know they're crooked because enough people will fall for it. Going to Google is a good idea. If you can't shut them down, maybe we can cut off access.

#3 Guest_jvmccall_*

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Posted 06 September 2009 - 12:27 AM

Good. I am glad someone else also is frustrated. They do have an 'A' grade with the BBB. If enough people complain, maybe they can get a bad grade. And if enough people complain to Google, maybe they will drop them from their rankings. We've got to do something.


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