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  1. Various programs depending on your needs UNCONVENTIONAL LOAN 1. NO LIMIT TO CASHOUT, sub 500 fico * STATED INCOM STATED ASSET * SUB 500 FICO * 70% ltv and 100CLTV with 3rd party second * No seasoning required * Refinance/Purchase/CashOut with no limit CONVENTIONAL LOAN 2. Loan programs cover borrower specifics from 800 top scores to the minimum 500's. Conforming • Reduced MI programs • Fixed to 10/1 ARMs • Non-traditional credit • First time homebuyers • And much more through DU and LP • Full, Stated, SISA, No Ratio, No Doc • 620 FICO/Stated Doc to 100% CLTV for Purchase and Rate-Term to $2M • Non-Owner 620 Stated/SISA/No Ratio to $1 million at 100% CLTV • 660 No Doc Owner Occupied to 100% CLTV, 620 No Doc to 95% CLTV • 10 Year Interest Only and 40 Year terms available Subprime - • Full, Stated Doc Types with 2 and 3-year ARMs & 30YR Fixed (40YR w/ Core) avail. w/ IO to 5yr • 100% LTV/CLTV Full Doc with 580 midscore (with 1x30 mortgage history) • Program allows 55% DTI, Min. FICO @ 500, No BK Seasoning, Rent Free OK • Up to 6% seller concessions (including prepaids), No seasoning of funds, No MI • Aggressive trade line standard and no review of consumer lates • Fast and accurate no-hassle answers Option ARM to $6M • 1%-1YR Fixed or 1.95%-5YR Fixed for Minimum Payment • Plus, Interest Only Payment, 15YR AM, or 30YR or 40YR AM (Index = MTA) • Up to 100% CLTV to 620 FICO, Purchase, Rate-Term, Cash-Out • SFD, 2nd/Vacation Home, NOO, 3-4 Unit, Condo, Condotel, Non-Warrantable Condo, Rural w/ acreage
  2. You can get more to pay off debt. You have to buy the property first, get your name on title, before refinancing.
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