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  1. Ron, it appears as if the seller is attempting to do a sale-lease back. As far as the sales price, find out how much she owes on her mortgage. Add in your fee for doing this for her. Do not put her on the title, this could be seen as mortgage fraud, and you could spend some time in jail. She may not have even thought about it. Have her sign a lease option agreement for 12-18 months to help her get her credit back on track. Tell her that you want to escrow 12-18 months of payments, in case she falls behind again or if she decides to walk away from the property. Remember, she needs you more than you need her. If you're satified with the 20k; then go for it. Make sure you are covered in case of worst happens. Thare are many people with excelant credit like you who make literally 100k or more per year just selling thier credit. Might be an avenue to consider.
  2. INVESTORS WANTED for fully rehabbed single family homes. 100% Section 8 rented, positive cash flow-$200-$400 per property. Property management avail. 100% financing, available. Good credit only. Don't be fooled by the imitators. If you want the best houses with the best cash flow call 660-429-3874 or 660-909-3874 Properties are in Kansasa City, Missouri
  3. For sale in Kansas City Missouri. Rehabbed properties, selling for 90% ltv. Or, 10% cash back for full price. These properties are and will be rented when rehab work is complete. all properties are either 3/2 or 4/2. The 3/2 rent for $850 and the 4/2 rent for $950. Or, if you'd rather live in the property, owner financing availble. Call 660-429-3874 or cell phone 660-909-3874. Thank you and have a good day.
  4. Speedy, Tell me your situation. Call me if you wish. 660-429-3874. What state are you in?
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