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  1. I have under contract 20 acres in Parker, Texas. This land sets next to the famous Southfork Ranch. I am looking for investors that can purchase. No posers please. The land value is ever increasing and there are already neighborhoods with homes in the $700k-$1,000,000. These homes are established and the builder in the area, Brooks Farm, has purchased all of the land around me. They purchased it many years ago and may buy the contract on this peice as well but they are stalling. After purchase there will be $500,000-$600,000 in equity in the land. If you would like to see the homes and neighborhood surrounding please visit www.brooks-farm.com. I will assign this property for 100k. I also have 11 acres in Rockwall I am assigning. The land sits at the corner of I-30E and 549. This land is zoned commercial. It is highway frontage and is one mile from a new mall (not strip center) that is under construction. The 11 acre tract next to me sold for 1.5 mill. I have mine under contract for 835k, I will assign it for 100k. If you are looking for lesser priced land in Texas, preferably the Dallas/Fort Worth area let me know. I will do my best to find what you are looking for in the price range that you prefer If you need more information call me at 972-904-0636 or you can email me at simplemtg@sbcglobal.net Jared Rogers
  2. If you have tenants that have been denied credit in the past due to a low credit score please call me. We have 100% ltv (not cltv) with scores as low as 500. This program is very aggressive, here are some details: 6% concessions allowed lenient bk/foreclosure seasoning ignore judgements below $5000 - aggregate grant programs allowed no VOR $500 required - can be gift letter with no seasoning O/O only, 95% for non-owner sfr up to O/O 4-plex Use your appraiser For more information call Jared Rogers Castle Mortgage 629 W. Centerville Rd. #210 Garland, Texas 75041 972-271-7100 972-271-1819 fax jrogers92@juno.com Tx. properties only
  3. If you are still needing hard money or convetional financing contact me. We have hard money with rates starting at 11% + 2 points (subject to loan amount). We are a mortgage broker in Garland Texas and have been working with investors for over twenty years. Jared Rogers Castle Mortgage 629 W. Centerville Rd #210 Garland, Texas 75041 972-271-7100 972-271-1819 fax jrogers92@juno.com
  4. If you are still needing a HML contact me. Here are the terms: 11%, 2 points (subject to loan amount) I/O 6 mo to 2 yrs renewable. Jared Rogers Castle Mortgage 629 W. Centerville Rd Garland, Texas 75140 972-271-7100 office 972-271-1819 fax jrogers92@juno.com If I am out of the office they will give you my cell
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