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  1. mpine

    Reputations Matter

    Thanks Mr. Carbonare, Some real estate, but marketing has always been a passion. Real Estate Investors also get a bum rap a lot.
  2. mpine

    MLS Book

    I remember when I got started doing mortgages, we had a guy Joe (RIP Joe), who used to come in twice a week, pick up a white pages, throw it on his desk and whatever page opened was the page he would start calling people at for loans. Joe would rip through 2 pages in under an hour, and walk out of the office with 3-4 loan apps a day. The man was a machine, better then any robocaller system I have seen. He would literally come in twice a week and close 30-40 loans a month. Nowadays thats a heavy fine and criminal thanks to the Do Not Call lists.
  3. Hello Everyone and Mr. Carbonare, It has been a while since I have posted on here, I hope I am not stepping on any toes, and more importantly that all you guys and gals are out there rocking it under the expertise of Michael Carbonare himself. I have been wondering, I see a lot of real estate investors not managing their reputation and getting both positive and negative reviews posted online to sites like Yelp, Google Local, Facebook as well as others that causes sometimes catastrophic harm to there businesses. Currently I am working with some realtors and other businesses in my area on improving there reputation and getting their reputation marketed. The system basically acts as a buffer where people leave reviews/feedback for you, and if they leave good feedback they get the option to share it on Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.... If the review is negative they go to a feedback form asking what problems they had and what you could have done better, this way you get the feedback before they post any negativity online. I then turn the good videos into online video commercials that act as proof, These videos can be on your own website as well as on Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and Facebook. Additionally, still images are shared to all the major photosharing sites like Flickr & Pinterest. Here is a video I did for my Dentist https://youtu.be/6K43g7DASdY If anyone is interested in getting positive reviews for their business that they can market and show as proof of work well done, send me an email mike.pine (at) gmail.com and as a friend of Mikes' and this community I will put together something special. I also have great ways you can use a single number to receive calls or text messages that can even include video tours. To Success, Michael Pine Create Your Buzz, Inc. (877) 778-7862 www.createyourbuzz.com
  4. I have lenders that go anywhere from 60%-75% ARV, the real issue they have is with realistic property values. A lot of people bring me "great deals" that when I do my common sense research on are over valued by 10%-20% to begin with. So make sure when you do your numbers to first comp out the property and do not rely on the home seller to give you accurate home values. Mike
  5. Your lucky, last time I tried this and called about 40 FSBO's and 10 one of my realtors gave me that she was willing to step aside since she could not help them, all of them owed about 7%-20% more then there house was even worth. Must be nice to be in a market where not every seller is completely upside down. Mike
  6. mpine

    More B-days

    Happy Birthday Doug, Long time no see Mike
  7. Happy Very Belated Birthday Adam!
  8. Hello Revital, There are many investment products that can produce great rates with 10% down, and other programs that can go as low as 5% down. There is a whole lot that goes into deciding what the best product is for each individule. I have had investors and homeowners put down less when they have more urgent needs for their property (ie. repairs, additions, remodelling) and could afford to pay a little extra in the rate to have the extra money now. If you like you can contact me and we can see what the best program for you will be, or you can visit my pickyourloan.com website in my signature and go through the application process and I can call you to go over your options after it is priced out. To All Your Successes, Mike First Source USA PS. Hey MC, thanks for the kind words, right back at ya! I owe you a brew and shot of whatever you like next time your out my way or I am out yours.
  9. I have recently been looking for higher LTV and better lines of credit for commercial properties, and I found a place that is offering more then most. Easy 100% LTV Commercial Loans If you need fast flexible financing this place is definitly worth a shot. To All Your Successes, Mike
  10. I have added a 25% off coupon to the offer, it expires on 5/12/06. That brings the price down to $7.73. Mike
  11. Hey all, I have put much thought into this script as it has been a phenominal success thus far. So I sat down last night sleepless with excitement of my newest offer. Now you can get over $5,000 in bonuses as part of our firesale. The game is the same, starting at $10, and it will go up in internvals of 2.50 for every 10 sold until we reach $20 Please do not share this with others as quanities at these prices are seriously limited and I want them to all go to Naked Investor/Rich Jerk members. The site is complete, you can start ordering right now if you want to be sure to get in at the $10 pricepoint. To Your Mass MySpace Riches, Mike Special Firesale Offer
  12. Since I posted this I have 538 adds, and I have rejected close to 600 people due to them being under 18. I think 3-4 slipped through, sometimes you get lost when your adding 11 pages of friends at a clip. Mike
  13. Heh... Thanks... money makes everything better... I got a little distracted in other things for a week here. Mike
  14. Hello (not so) Gentlemen and Very Fine Ladies, The last 5 days I have been playing with Myspace as a business opportunity, and have successful gotten 350+ friends to my list all while I was out working, going to the beach, drinking in the pub, going out to dinner... etc... and now I am directing them to my sales pages with much success. I have been generating an additional $3/day in adsense, not to bad for 5 days... I was so impressed with this easy to install script (so east that a monkey could install it) that I purchased the Master Resell Rights and I am offering it at a very special price for the next 10 copies sold. Single User License: $10 Master Resell License: $20 Both of these are being offered at 1/2 Price to RichJerk and NakedInvestors exclusivly, everyone else has to pay full price. Rich Jerk/Naked Investor Special $10/$20 Full Retail $20/$40 Once 10 copies are sold the price will go up $2.50, and when 10 more are sold it will go up $2.50 until everything is back at full price. I expect this to sell out fast, so please do not share this very special offer link. Mike
  15. Heh... Thanks MC... actually just made $5,000 today on a quick flip.
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