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  1. BEV, Sounds like your making CL work for you. Keep it up.
  2. I have an upcoming 2 to 4 year project between Royal Palm Beach and Lake Okeechobee. I will need a place to live. I would like to buy some property in the area. Ideally land or a house with room to park my travel trailer. I am open to almost anything that is a deal. I have good income, credit ect. powerplantop@earthlink.net
  3. We have two ears and one mouth. They should be used in that ratio.
  4. Two men were driving through Texas when they got pulled over by a State Trooper. The cop walked up and tapped on the window with his nightstick. The driver rolled down the window and WHACK, the cop smacked him in the head with his nightstick. "What the hell was that for?" the driver asked. "You're in Texas, son," the trooper answered. "When we pull you over in Texas, you better have your license ready by the time we get to your car." "I'm sorry, officer," the driver said, "I'm not from around here." The trooper runs a check on the guy's license--he's clean and gives the guy his license back. The trooper then walks around to the passenger side and taps on the window. The passenger rolls down the window and "WHACK", the trooper smacks him on the head with the nightstick. "What'd you do that for?" the passenger demands. "Just making your wish come true, son" replied the trooper. "Making WHAT wish come true?" the passenger asked. "Because I know your type," the trooper says, "two miles down the road you're gonna turn to your buddy and say, 'I wish that asshole would've tried that shit with me!'
  5. Did they give you an idea of the rates? It's been awhile since I looked at rate sheets so I have no idea what they are now. This can be a big factor in answering the question refi now or latter. You don't want a surprise at the closing table. Without a doubt you have to be ready for anything.
  6. Man I wish I read this sooner I just invested in some spinners for my 1976 Ford Pinto Wagon.
  7. I have been out of the bus for awhile so I am not up all the programs but,,, Lets see a non seasoned 90% LTV cashout on a NOO. Not only that but your wanting to pull 22K out? If you can find it the rate will be very high. IMHO You would be a lot better off waiting 6 months. You say that it will have positive cash flow but what rate did you use to figure that?
  8. Chnage your headline to this 1990 384 International Tractor Notice I dropped the price but put in the model number. Since this is price to include the bucket folks looking for a plain tractor in this size range would think it was a bigger one. But do list the price in the listing Asking $8500. BTW not a bad looking tractor I could use it for about a week when I get home from Baghdad.
  9. That explains all of the Canadian flags at the RV park in Lakeland.
  10. I have been trying to get to the http://www.ilga.gov site today but either the server is down or my Baghdad Internet connection won't go to IL today. The reason I want to get to the site is so that I can cut and paste some items out of the bill to show that this is being way over blown buy the Loss Mitigation folks who will be shut down by this. Buying "Subject To" will be still legal. Buying "Subject To" and leasing back to the seller will not. As to the 82% of FMV rule. If you read the section where it mentions that it defines what buyer this covers with a term “Distressed Property Purchaser”. Go back to the first part of the bill and this term is defined. "Distressed property purchaser" means any person who acquires any interest in a distressed property while allowing the owner to possess, occupy, or retain any present or future interest in the property, or any person who structures or plans a distressed property conveyance. "Distressed property conveyance" means a transaction in which an owner of a distressed property transfers an interest in the distressed property; the acquirer of the property allows the owner of the distressed property to occupy the property; and the acquirer of the property or a person acting in participation with the acquirer of the property conveys or promises to convey an interest back to the owner or gives the owner an option to purchase the property at a later date. So if your kicking them to the curb I don't see how this would apply. For some good info check out http://www.narhri.org they even explain that the 82% rule is for lease-back deals.
  11. Fresh is best, besides I never leave it sitting around that long.
  12. If you really want to get your blood boiling read This.
  13. It just gets better with these guys http://www.sacbee.com/content/homes/re_new...-13213074c.html
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