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  1. Thanks MC! Any recommendations for a good source to find new agents? Also, what would you recommend as a fee for the agent? Thanks again.
  2. I was thinking of trying to connect with a realtor as a source for comps. and expireds but I'm not sure what I should offer them in return. Obviously, I would be passing their name to any prospects that don't work with me but should I offer them any other form of incentive? (ie. pay them a fee when a deal happens, etc.) To me, this seems to be an important source, as I will need to figure out comps. I would appreciate any input or experiences of using a realtor in your business. Thank you!
  3. Michael, Thank you for your reply! My scenario of what the homeowner "wants" was a hypothetical question but thank you for emphasizing the importance of what the market will allow vs. the sellers wants. So to be clear, I would have the option contract with the seller for $210K, is that correct? Thanks again for your help!
  4. As I was reading more posts this morning, I found myself starting to question what I thought I understood...therefore, I would appreciate some clarification regarding the option fee when working with a CA. If the seller wants $200,000, which of the following is correct: - I structure the deal with the seller for $205,000 (their price plus my option fee) or - I structure the deal with the seller for $200,000 and then structure the deal with the T/B for $205,000 and pocket the option fee. Also, how is the option fee credited towards the purchase price when the money never went to the homeowner? Thank you for the clarification!
  5. As I'm searching Craigslist, I'm seeing many postings by realtors and was wondering what their role would be if I'm trying to put together a CA? Where would they make their fee from? I haven't contacted any yet because I'm not sure how they would fit into the picture. Thanks for your input!
  6. Michael,thanks for your reply. I like the fact that you are having the homeowner make the final call. What exactly are you looking for on the credit report? Do you set up the T/B with a credit repair/improvement company and/or mortgage broker? Thanks for your insight!
  7. When working a CA, what is your degree of involvement when finding a T/B? (Do you run a credit check/ background check?) How do you know if your potential T/B is satisfactory?
  8. Thanks Michael! Good to know and I will.
  9. Michael & John, Thank you for your feedback! I will take your advice and only focus on CAs to get started.
  10. HFP

    Door hangers

    John, You mentioned including a magnet of your business card with the door hangers. What type of business card would that be, a professional business card or a marketing business card? Thanks for sharing!
  11. HFP

    Distributing Flyers

    When distributing flyers to homes, where exactly are you placing them? Thanks!
  12. Has anyone used the LO forms as-is in New York? Have there been any issues? Thank you!
  13. How would I determine what type of deal to offer? What scenario/ numbers would have me think sandwich LO vs. an assignment and vice versa? Is it: if there is little to no equity = assignment vs. having equity = sandwich LO or assignment? Thank you!
  14. As I am reading through the NI manual about talking to sellers, it mentions that we say to them that we make the rent payments directly to them, not the T/B. It also mentions that we collect the rent from the T/B, therefore they won't have any rent collections problems. How can we say this if we don't yet know what kind of deal we may have (ie. sandwich LO or assignment)? If we do an assignment, the above dialogue will not be true because we will be out of the deal. I don't want to be misleading, so is there something that I'm missing here? I appreciate any clarification. Thank you!
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