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  1. Why? Well, we have funded over 2 billion dollars of commercial transactions for companies like yours, worldwide. Corporate Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Re-capitalization, globally and all across the USA. If your request is Off Shore, we have that covered. We have been doing World Wide Financing for over 30 years. Our minimum Transaction is 10 Million US dollars, maybe 5, if it's the right opportunity. Please do not rule out your project because of size, we may make an exception for you. Accurate and Current Financial information is a must, if we're to consider your Money request. Let's go forward with a mutual understanding, and success will follow...please contact us via email with your needs and we'll send our short application to begin moving forward with your project. Larry Potter @ Lgpotter33@gmail.com
  2. Note on the business funding: No collateral needed, No minimum FICO score. Qualify for up to $500k after being in business for only 4 months. We do not charge interest. Simply complete our one page application with 4 months business bank statement and 4 months credit card processing statement, if applicable. Business must be in the USA. Contact us Now at Lgpotter33@gmail.com Larry G. Potter ​Note: We also do commercial R.E. loans, but only in the USA, turnaround on these is normally ​only 2-weeks.
  3. Get USA Business get Funding in as little as 24-72 hours in most cases. We Also Make Commercial Real Estate Loans Too.... USA only...( turnaround time for these are about 2-weeks ) Lgpotter33@gmail.com for an application, or questions...
  4. Do you lack immediate, ready access to the cash deposit or down payment required to secure a property (USA only) that you are pursuing? If you have found a property and need a short term deposit to secure an accepted purchase contract, or an alternative down payment solution to acquire a property via contract for deed / land contract, we can help by providing a down payment bond. Using this instrument, you are in a position to secure the perfect personal residence or investment property quickly, without the need for a cash deposit or down payment. We offer short to medium term surety bond guarantee solutions to accommodate contractual closing / settlement terms of up to 6 months, and contracts for deed / land contracts with up to 36 month balloon payment / take out requirements. Down payment bonds are suitable for all types of residential and commercial property including vacant land. Should you require an extended time horizon beyond those typically offered, our down payment bonds are renewable for subsequent 6 month increments for an additional premium. For full details send your request to us at Lgpotter33@gmail.com
  5. We work with entrepreneurs and business owners just like you to acquire $50,000-$100,000 or more in business funding in 5-10 business days if you meet the minimum criteria to qualify. Our Programs Include: *Unsecured Business Lines Program *Personal Credit/Loan Program *Debt Consulting & Management *Equipment Leasing & Financing *IRA/401K Financing *SBA Loans *Business Consulting http://budurl.com/BusinessFundingUSA
  6. * $50K- $100K or More * No collateral required * No financial or tax returns * We work with damaged Credit * No restrictions on use of funds * Funding in 10-15 days. * Helps build business credit. * Not reported on personal credit. * Use funds for Inventory. * Real Estate Purchase. * Use funds for Working Capital. Note: It must be a USA based business, it must be licensed like a LLC, corp, etc and client must have at least a 700 credit score or have a partner who does and be a US citizen. It is a revolving line of credit. Contact us right now and let us know if you meet the above and what you need. Lgpotter33@gmail.com Larry
  7. Funding for Small Businesses GET UP TO $200,000 TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS Fast 24-Hour Approvals - Funding in as little as 2 weeks Now Also Accepting New Franchise Owners For Funding Business financing (startups too). The typical contact is $0 down, 12% of credit raised. Performance Based means if don't get any funds, you don't pay anything! All business entities are welcome. Good for ANY purposes: marketing, cash, even payroll Where? USA only, Right Here ------> http://budurl.com/BusinessFinance
  8. Special $100K Trade Program CASH trades only, NO INSTRUMENTS accepted. Potential Client submits a current POF (bank statement no more than 3 banking days old) and Request for Compliance Package (e-mail stating Desire and Ability to Transact - including Trade Amount, Full Legal Name, Complete Physical Address - valid E-mail Address, Phone and/or Cell Number). DISCLAIMER: Poster is not a United States Securities Dealer, Broker or US Investment Advisor. This post is not to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content, nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities. Merely describing the details of an existing private program does not constitute an offer or solicitation of any kind. Thank you. option4assets@gmail.com
  9. Their is a hedge fund that will consider funding thru the monetizing of existing assets. They do require that any initial submission should contain:. CIS, Passport copy, and appraisal, or SKR, or assay (for inground assets) or some other indication of value, and if the submitter is not the client, the rep must also present a Letter of Authorization from the client. Here is the guidance I have read on this unique program In general, if there is a value to the asset, any asset, there is a good chance they will take it. The text from the "Asset Collateral and Monetization Program" PDF states: "Gold, Diamonds, Silver, or other precious metals, Coin Collections, Valuable Works of Art, incomplete or stalled Real Estate Developments with equity interest, Leased and owned Financial Instruments , bonds with SKRs and or in the International banking system, CMOs, timber, Coal and Rare Earth to name a few. All assets that have an insurable interest are considered. Clients are encouraged to submit a file in order to find out for certain. Clients who want a more detailed 'verdict' on their asset prior to submission should either a) submit as detailed an explanation as they can of the asset (at least a paragraph) including WHAT kind of documentation of value is being submitted (For example: appraisal, assay, etc. What are the professional qualifications of the source of the appraisal, assay, etc. Are they a licensed appraiser? Engineer? Certified Gemologist? Certified by WHICH organization?) or go ahead and submit the appraisal/assay, etc, (that is, any description of the asset and it's value) and withhold the CIS/PP. If the Insurance company responds positively re the submission, the client can then send the CIS/PP. Bottom Line is, if you have a question about a specific asset, please submit as detailed a description as possible. The Facilitators will not reply to one-sentence, general statements along the lines of "will they accept X?" The answer is really dependent on whether the asset is insurable, and whether the asset is insurable is dependent on what the client is submitting as proof of value. Thus, Client or Reps should submit the proof of value when asking if the asset will be considered." So, if a client has some assets, this could be a good source for them, although, I can certainly understand that many clients are weary of submitting their files, only to get nowhere. And, at the same time, it has also been my experience that many Reps who do NOT actually have a client, however, they know of someone who knows of someone with XX asset, and they hope they can get the owner's business if they can access to a program. The way the world really works, however, is that you have to have access to the information in the file in order to get a detailed answer re submission. I hope this is helpful.
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