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  1. Ha Ha! You sure did miscommunicate to me! I was confused that this was supposed to be "cool news", so what was "bad" about it! I'm very happy for you and your wife. I waited many years for my first, and the second came along so quicklyl, I wasn't ready. My kids are 15 months apart. My second child was definitely NOT in my plans as far as timing goes, but I guess it was in God's plans. Now that they are 6 and 7, I'm glad they're so close together. Lydia
  2. This is NOT "BAD"!!!! How about saying something like, "this pregnancy was not in our plans". Congratulations!
  3. What is the best way to find out what the rate of appreciation is in a particular area?
  4. This house appraised (full blown appraisal, not "drive-by") for $250,000. I think they owe $238,000. I did go look at it today. I didn't consider it a waste of time at all, even though I don't know it will be something I'll be able to work. I feel like I learned some things by making that trip. I was thinking I'd buy it subject to the existing financing as soon as I found a tenant/buyer and lease it out. The bad thing is that I've been talking only to the wife. She told me the husband would do whatever it took to keep it out of foreclosure. He's been out of town on business. I am getting the feeling, though, that he might not be as cooperative as the wife hopes. I'm still researching the rental market. The bad thing is that the higher the price of the house, the harder it is for me to determine fair market rent.
  5. Divorce and military deployment are the double motivators in this seller's life. Anyone in Charleston, Savannah, or Hilton Head, or anywhere who might be interested in this lead, call me or e-mail. 615-781-0374 or cashbuyorsell@yahoo.com
  6. I've been called about a $250,000 house. No equity. They refinanced at 95% and filed for divorce. They are one month behind. What should I do? I don't have the money to make up their back payment. They have "mostly" moved out. I plan to go see the house and meet with the owners within the next day or 2. This is an extremely nice house in a good area in a county that seems to be in an expanding market. The whole county seems to be booming. I guess I have nothing to lose by just not making any promises, agreeing to make up the back payment if and when I get a big option deposit from a tenant/buyer. Any comments?
  7. Lydia


    One way to avoid feeling "awkward" is to send a "generic" "I buy houses" letter --that way you might avoid the "vulture" image, yet you're getting the message across that you have a solution to their problem, if in fact they do need to sell.
  8. Glad to know you're"back". You have been greatly missed.
  9. I was wondering the same thing, too. It is quite mysterious...I was wondering if she had joined the witness protection program or something. Lydia cashbuyorsell@yahoo.com
  10. I have a second line, which is a dedicated fax line, and I also have a Ringmaster number on my main line, which is the number I use for business. My kids are old enough to know not to answer when it is the "double ring"
  11. My ad read "Family needs home to lease with option to buy. Call xxx-xxxx" Ran Sunday only in the paper, a week online. Ran in the "Area 1, Homes for Sale" which is the area where I prefer to work. The BIG paper, The Tennesseean. Cost about $44. Costs $115 for a week. I'm checking into running a display ad in some of the free papers, and also a free local parenting magazine. About 12-15 people run "I buy houses" ads in the Tennesseean under "Real Estate Wanted". I'm still following up on some of my old radio leads. I've talked to some other investors who are just now doing deals on leads they got a year ago. Follow-up seems to be crucial.
  12. I just ran a classified ad and had disappointing results. What has been your BEST newspaper ad, which paper did you run it in (freebie or regular paper?), and under what listing in the classifieds. Also, what about display ads?
  13. When I said "high-maintenance"--I meant not the building, but the tenant/neighborhood. It is pretty low-rent, but the reason the guy wants $10,000 is because he has put that much into it. He is looking only to break even, and I don't think I have to give him ANY money up front. I have had a horrible week physically this week--worse than any in about 2 or 3 months. I was originally toying with the idea of keeping this and being landlord. The seller told me it needs to be checked on once or twice a week, to make sure trash is picked up, cars aren't parked where they shouldn't be, things are in order, etc. After this week, I am inclined to flip it. I might meet with the guy today and get some kind of agreement written up.
  14. He is selling because he wants to get out of the landlording business. He has several duplexes in addition to this one. This is actually the most "high maintenance" property he has. He has a "regular" job that has become increasingly demanding, and he just doesn't have the time to landlord.
  15. This Quadraplex appraised for $162,500 about 5 years ago. Rent is $450 per unit. Seller wants $10,000 (which he'll wait on) and someone to take over the payments ($1,050 payments (P&I on about a $135,000 mortgage)The seller is very flexible. I know I can do a 3 year lease/option(or longer) and assign it, or else do a CA, but I was wondering if there is any advantage to taking it Subject to the existing financing. Comments?????
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