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  1. Chris&Kez


    Happy New Year folks Chris, Kerry & Family.
  2. ..sorry, Comps for this subdivision up to $104,000 for 2 bed/1 bath.
  3. Maumelle, Arkansas. Lovely 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath home. Great neighborhood! 46 Oak Forest Place. click HERE to visit stats for this fabulous area: My Webpage (not our page...) Fully fenced backyard. Ceramic tiled floor throughout , 2 bedrooms have carpet, large closet space. Central air, ducted gas heating. Gas log & wood fireplace. 'Doggy door' Garage. Garden lighting. Dishwasher. Refrigerator. Range/Oven. Lots of kitchen cabinets. Great first home ! $900 per month 12 month renewable lease with option to purchase. 24 month term * DOWNPAYMENT NEG- *NO BANK QUALIFYING- *Bruised Credit OK- $95,500 Phone (501) 945 2554 E Mail : blackbeltads@yahoo.com
  4. LMAO...oh boy, I have a 'wife in law' just like that, seems a shame to wish my life away at this point too, but cant wait til im 49 so our baby is 18 too. Happy Birthday to baby Tony-ette!
  5. Yes! Congrats and FAT thanks MC.. Chris & Kerry. x
  6. :xredface: LOL @ Tony. Hey everyone, wooo it looks sexy in here MC ! Thanks for the welcome back guys. I am pleased to say that we have 3 contracts pending and have purchased 10 other properties in the last 5 weeks! Sheesh, I had to walk away and come back , glad I did..had burnout there for awhile with everything going sour. 1 house in a great neighbourhood where resale values are really good. Got that zero down...you know how I am :xicon_mrgreen: ..and 9 properties from the State for unpaid taxes, ( $52 each ) it feels like Christmas! I'm submitting more bids on others this week, thank the lord for 'bid now pay later' Christmas has come too fast..again. We're moving house in a couple of months we hope, we've picked out the house, 5 bed, needs a tad cleaning up but has 2 acres with it, and 10 as a side option, and 7 of the td properties are in the little town nearby, so we'll keep those ones. I'm stickin' a pic on here, it's pretty ! Anyhoo, now to get a TB into the other home we got, and off we go. Andrew I'm glad things are getting better for you, we miss ya mate. Now that Amy is walking , you need to move everything to heck that is currently below belly button height lol. good luck with that 1........ I got your letter too, ty, I still didnt write back obviousley, you know how it gets. ttys peeps. huggeROOS Kez oh PS I have 'wanted to buy' email addies with criteria that I found on the net for various states. If anyone wants these please drop us an email , I will forward them to you. I'm not sure if they have bought yet, didnt contact them,but surely they all haven't though. New email addy: blackbeltads@yahoo.com
  7. Hi all...wow I cant believe how long its been since we were in here. I missed everyone but had to walk away for awhile before I threw a tantrum. Also been a tad sick on and off for 3 months..pain in the butt, but all is okey dokey now. for my investing, it's working out well to date, just had an offer accepted on a property yesterday and will get a reply by 5pm on the second tomorrow. I plan on selling the homes zero down so if anyone is interested in picking one up for a LO please let me know. Hey has anyone heard from Andrew? We miss him and havent heard how he is since he left for Korea. Hope all is well with him, Jeanne and bubs..if anyone is talking to him please send our very bestest:) going to catch up on the posts...great to be back. Kez.
  8. Ok Im "hmmmm'ing still ... 348 downline and no commissions pending. I might send 'em all an invitation to our new auction site so they can sell their leads with us instead.
  9. Hi Naomi:) good job girl! I always said that if I had another bub, I'd name him OR her Harley/ or Harlee for a girl. I luv that name ! Our 15 yr old baby girl is Stevie. I like something different, but not 'off the wall'. Thanks for posting your progress, I don't think Chris and i will be having more babies, so we'll just have that one with you if that's OK LOL.
  10. we now have 237 downline, not a bad result, no money made yet, but what the heck. I think because I only take 10 minutes a day, and it's a freebie, I will wait and see what happens. Kez
  11. Hi Texan welcome from us too...just wanted to let you know that Michael has scheduled a conference call for next week...June 15 if i am correct. It would be good for you to come join in, we're quite looking forward to it , as we had missed the last one. Have fun! Chris & Kerry. Arkansas
  12. Oh My goodness! Glad you guys are OK! You're right, very scarey, but an awesome sight! Chris & Kerry.
  13. I'll make a note of that webster name too thanks Andrew I do have a couple of people on my list who tell me they do 100% financing,some with 'not so hot' credit also please feel free to drop us a line Leeann I will reply asap. chrismulherin@yahoo.com
  14. hello all, mlantz..in answer to your Q...I took the ads and modified them making them somewhat more personal...here is our update as of right now...interesting. Let's persist and see what comes of it ! Kez Summary of downline Level 1 18 Level 2 20 Level 3 99 Totals 137 across 3 levels
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