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  1. Daniel, It is expensive to hire a corner beggar to hold a sign???? How much are they making per day just holding their own sign? I've thought about stopping and asking them some questions to see if they would want a reg job of holding MY sign
  2. I don't know why you would even waste the time to go look at a property that is so out of whack with the comps. Sellers ALLLLWAYS think their prop is s p e c i a l. I don't want the hard-to-do deals anymore. And keep in mind I haven't done one recently. When I re-started in crei I was wanting to make annnny deal work. Now i'm like, show me the money!! Everyone is unrealistic, like they're living back in 2003. Sheesh
  3. yeah, mannnny hours later. I was jus lookin for the reader's digest version. But that's ok. I got enough to do without chasing anything else
  4. Daniel you said "also a strange observation, about 80% of my callers are female. Anyone else observed that?" There's no mystery here. That's why men marry---so they can have a secretary (and a homemaker, errand runner etc) but it could just be my jaded side speaking
  5. hmmm sounds like plain ole owner financing. no?
  6. Hey gang, Sometimes we wanna just say whaaaat-ev!! Maybe we just kinda want to be successful. This is a great message---watch it all the way thru; it's worth it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xM_7j6t9IyU
  7. Jason, welcome to this great forum; such good people here. Efete, sounds like a good idea to have those calls!! Erik are we getting close?
  8. Yes, it's one learning curve after the other I've managed to get a couple props under contract but both were toooo motivated and couldn't even wait a month to get a t/b. It's all good. I learned some really great stuff going thru the steps. This is a truly fun game and I love it. I look forward to the time when I can make money playing it. I've not been able to do much marketing recently because my other business has skyrocketed---and it pays the bills. It's always too early to give up
  9. Yeah what Steve and Michael said. This biz is so great at helping us grow thick skin I laugh at how I've changed over the months. Every one else is just looking out for themselves so I no longer feel like I have to be Mother Teresa to these people---sellers or t/bs (course I've heard that even she speaks softly and carries a big stick lol)
  10. Can anyone explain the difference between a l/o and a cfd to me? One guy, a homeowner said in different states it works better to have a cfd. What could I say cuz I don't know the diff.
  11. Geez Steve, did they GIVE you the house? Really what were the numbers on the whole deal? Inspired minds want to know
  12. Michael and Steve, I am surprised by your replies because I thought we were mostly going after mainstream, cookie cutter type props. This thread has caused me to think
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