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  1. I found your manual sealed in an envelope marked "DO NOT OPEN" at the bottom of a trunk I bought at storage unit auction. I am totally new. So new that now that I'm looking around, I think I should have probably posted my question about marketing in the marketing area of this website forum. You probably already moved it. I did get two calls from sellers I found on Craigslist. One of them seems like it could work. Exciting and cool stuff.
  2. I am talking about a sub lease option I think. Also, can you do sub lease options long distance/virtually or do you only do Cooperative assignments long distance/virtually? OK I get what you are saying about the different prices. thanks
  3. I'm new. I don't get it. What do you say when a seller sees that you are advertising their property on craigslist, etc. at higher price with all these rent credits that they can't understand? Also, how can the seller continue trying to sell on their own (non-exclusive) when you and they will be advertising different prices for the same house?
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