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  1. I would have hated to have investing in training for this strategy just to find out its illegal to even do here!
  2. Well, i contacted some real estate attorneys here in St.Louis to see if i will be dealing within the law and was told that this strategy is illegal here is Missouri, because i will be acting as a real estate broker and i would need a RE License. She asked if i was giving the Option Consideration fee to the seller and i said No, that what i get. Said i was selling the property, i told her im a principal in the deal since i have a contract with the seller. Said theres no benefit to the seller if i cant find a tenant buyer cause i can walk away. She hesitated alot during the convo..lol, said i got scammed and i should just get a RE License..LMAO..said she couldnt work with me on this as well and hung up. I have 3 more consultation with 3 other attorneys, cause i wanted 3 different opinions and wanna make sure i dont get into any legal troubles. Have been doing some maketing for this, and have been getting some replies, mostly from people saying the property has sold, some saying that it sounds interesting, but they rather do it on there own and some saying, there trying move and need the quick money all up front. That marketing campaign was just a small test for my market, but i know if i do it on bigger scale, i will eventually get a YES. Anybody have thoughts on this?
  3. Hey Guys, My name is Nick and im a pure L/O newbie from Missouri. I got the manual here recently and read it over once and then again briefly. Been back and fourth with Micheal, but i understand his time cost. So im coming to the forum for some help. The 2 things i have been getting confused on is how the rent credits or seller concessions work with the agreements (i will be using seller concessions). I understand the are credited towards the purchase price, but how is it calculated and if u agreed on one price with the seller and then another price with the T/B because of the credit, how does the work with the 1st agreement you signed with the seller. And then what order to get the contracts signed when doing a actual deal. I guess i could have asked him this, but can anybody break all this down to me in lamest terms, or better yet, give a example of a actually deal from start to finish, so i can digest it that way, which i think will better for me to understand it. Im more of a visual learner then a book learner.
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