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  1. You live in broward michael? Do you know any good attorneys or title companies that do subject too closings?
  2. Hey, I've been in and out of real estate for about 20 years. It's been some years now that i haven't been involved. I've recently been doing some marketing in palm beach county and broward county. Lease options and subject to will be primary strategy. I'm looking for someone to do deals with as i work full time. Send me a message anytime. I know how to put deals together, but it would be great to have someone with some experience to partner with. I can also wholesale contracts to you. I'm open to anything. Contact me anytime. Thanks. Glenn
  3. Thanks Michael. Ya see. This is what kept me out years ago. MY BRAIN. Worrying about what could happen. So silly. I'm still plunging ahead.
  4. Hey Everyone, I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me. Many years ago I was a realtor for about 7 years. Sold a lot of houses. I was aware of lease option investing and various other creative strategies back then. I remember at least a couple of times asking mortgage brokers something to the effect of " can you get this tenant/buyer a mortgage with just a lease option contract or do they need a purchase agreement"? I just remember, more than once that no mortgage broker will ever get the underwriter to approve the mortgage without a purchase agreement. Basically, just a lease option agreement will not do. I hope I get a yes to this. Anyone here ever see a tenant/buyer get a mortgage when they exercise their option and not have a purchase agreement? Are I not creating liability for myself if i do not inform the tenant/buyer from the begining that they may not be able to get a mortgage unless they have a purchase agreement and that the seller very well might not agree 3 years later when they excercise their option to sign a purchase agreement then. Could someone please clear this up for me. This is the only thing hanging me up. My freaking conscious.
  5. LOL. Yeah, seems like a bunch of people just wanting to be in charge of something.
  6. Wow, Michael. I knew you where a good guy back then and I was right. I really appreciate that. Thanks for the quick answer in regard to HOA's. If I run into a deal with a lot of hoops to jump through but the the numbers make sense, I'll just sick my wife on the HOA. LOL.
  7. Hello Everyone and Michael. I first purchased your manual about 7 or 8 years ago, however, after years of studying real estate investing (bought my first course in 1991) and thinking I needed to know everything before I began, I fell prey to a bad case of "Paralysis of Analysis". I mean really bad. Somewhere along the line my fear got the best of me and I just gave up. I have been investing in stocks and options for some years and have done pretty well, and about a week ago I was complaining to my wife about one of my option trades in the stock market and wife said to me, "Why in the don't you just start investing in real estate?" It was like a spiritual experience, so here I am again, LOL. Michael after some years and a couple of moves your course and contracts are long gone somewhere, so I'll be purchasing it again tomorrow. Anyway, just wanted to share that. Glad to be here. This question is mainly for Michael, but any input is appreciated. I'm from the Midwest, but I've lived in west palm beach florida for about 5 years now. There are a lot of gated communities and pain in the ass HOA's where I live. How do you put a deal together where the HOA has to approve the tenant/buyer? Or do you just pass? By the way, I just started making calls today with no script and no contracts. After about an hour on the phone I have two pretty motivated sellers and the numbers look good on both. Now I just need contracts and tenant/buyers,but I'm working on that. Thanks
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