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  1. Looking for CRE Owner / Developer / Investor Feedback: We're wondering what most investors consider when using the web to search for CRE lenders. Most sites (lender sites) offer little info absent filling out their contact form. There are others like scotsman that offer a matrix but not rate / term info. Interested in feedback as we continue to develop our lender search platform. Please post your thoughts here or visit us (CommercialMortgageInfo.Net)
  2. We're new on this forum but thought a discussion re; Alternative Lenders would be healthy for all given the current lending climate. 1) CRE Valuations at or above pre-recession numbers 2) New Dodd / Frank Rules (retention) affecting underwriting 3) Banks tightening regs waiting for current construction projects to complete and stabilize Reuters had a very good article on this issue. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-al...-idUSKCN0ZA2TM Bottom line seems to be that more alternative lenders are getting into the market as the wall of maturities approach. Something for borrowers to consider if turned down elsewhere. Just Food For Thought...
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