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  1. Thank you! It looks like I have a lot less worry than I realized. Now I'm on my way to a motivated INVESTOR.
  2. Really want to do this right. Does anyone know the actual facts behind whether if it's legal to do Lease Option without the need for a license here in Florida? I'm basically at a point where I can't even afford anything and actually find it important to get things up a notch by at least making one deal to help my family. Get us out of the situation we're in at the moment. But I don't want to be put in a deeper rabbit hole by going for lease options without proper due diligence, since it looks like it has a much larger market than wholesaling [because it can touch homes that don't necessarily have to be distressed] and due to the fact that there's more wholesalers than sellers here in Florida. I definitely can't afford an attorney or a mentor to make the ride easier. Pretty much on my last leg. So I'm in a pickle until I make this one deal to actually afford the attorney for the next issue lol. But if there's any helpful answers for me before I jump the gun, please let me know...
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