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  1. Merry Christmas MC. And thank you for the card. I know...I know...I don't show up here very much, but that doesn't mean I don't love you. ;P Adam
  2. BBBAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Wow, so THAT'S what happens when you have sun all year round!!!!
  3. Ah yes....Jason and I have SUCH a knack for turning a thread upside down...or, as we like to call it in Texas, tits up! Or is that England? As for the home warranty, you are correctomongo. They are ONLY for certain appliances, electrical and plumbing. (they can differ so do your homework) Insurance for the tenant/buyer sacrificing goats with a blender (after they are "de-horned of course) that's up to what the seller/owner is willing to dish out extra with the insurance guy. Which, is not a bad idea. Call your insurance guy and mention the "goat sacrificing and Harley mishaps and he/she/it will give you some options. Hope that helps, Adam PS Drinking Corona out of a bottle right now. And yes, it's better than out of a can! DOH!!! NO YOU DIDN'T!! He didn't go there did he!?!?!?!
  4. I know, I know...I never call anymore..never write... Anyway, just saw this post and thought I'd bud in. (haven't heard myself talk since....well, earlier today actually) Here's why to use a home warranty. Mr. Seller and Adam dialog.. "So Adam, what you're telling me is that you're going to put someone in the house that has bad credit etc and assign your interest to them/me/Ghandi. What if they trash the place? What if something breaks? I mean, I don't want to be a landlord?" My answer: "Well Mr. Seller, don't make it about "if" per say, make it about "when." Let's just assume they're devil worshiping biker nuts who are going to drive their Harleys into the dining room while sacrificing a goat with a blender. I mean, why not just be prepared with the proper insurance instead of worrying and guessing?" Note: The truth is always in-congruent and leads to the self conclusion of trust by the seller, i.e. use what's against you for you. Then, I tell them about the fire and dwelling policy, making sure the tenant/buyer gets a good renter's policy with at least $3-$5K in liability (in the off chance that it's their drunk goat sacrificing kitchen savvy biker buddies with a lack of "hog riding skills") whom trash the place and start a lawsuit. Then I move into the benefits of a home warranty for the simple fact that it's in the option agreement that they're liable for taking care of the place (for everything un-equitably damageable of course), and that if something goes wrong, they call bob the builder instead of you. AND....not that this is legal advice, which it's not, but it looks better in court if you offered such a thing to your beloved tenant/buyers, even if they paid for it, or you paid for half of it. So, the list of benefits goes on and on.... And then, the holy grail of negotiation sentences to close the deal. "And just to comfort you a little Mr. Seller, I want you to know who these poor, bad credit, socially depressed culinary biker nuts really are. They are YOU in six to nine months from now if you don't move your home!!" Okay, you sign here.....and here.....and...here..and... Deal Closed. Ah....see, that wasn't so bad. I don't post but every two years or so, but at least I haven't lost my sense of humor. BARTENDER!! Corona in a can for all my peeps!! Adam PS I used a Gandhi reference, did you catch it!
  5. Is it mushy time again already? Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours my friend.
  6. OMG Herb was one of my best students. He just emailed me no more than a few weeks ago to discuss becoming an affiliate. Oh man....I don't have the words.
  7. Holy crap I had a birthday? Thanks everyone!
  8. All I know is that this entire thread was yummy.
  9. Ho Ho, Holy Crap that was close!!! Whoh, I gotta be more specific from here on out with what I ask for. That was a close one! Merry Christmas!
  10. If you can separate the parcels, I would find out like yesterday, what the city/town will allow you to do on them. You could LO one, option and sell the other. You could option one, sell the lumber on the other. You could LO one and put apartments, or senior living on the other. Again, what are they zoned for and what can you do with them? There's tons of possibilities. Adam
  11. MC, Thanks man...but sheesh, almost a decade now and no boobie Xmas cards? I mean, where's the "naked" in naked-investor? This is false advertising you know? The wife is behind this isn't she?
  12. I hope these weren't MC's crotch shots! MY EYES MY EYES! Adam PS There ain't nothin better since Corona in a can...NUTHIN!
  13. Very cool stuff fellas! John, was the classroom the limo? Glad you guys had a chance to do this, very cool stuff! Adam
  14. Well, at least my summers aren't so damn hot I have to spend the entire winter re-hydrating! Adam PS You know...come to think of it, why haven't I been banned yet?
  15. I'd say we'd hit bottom by MC's reply, but I think that happened a LONG, LONG, LONG time ago!
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