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  1. Here is my situation. I own a 3 bedroom/2 bath home in North Carolina. The house is in good shape, just needs a few minor repairs and its ready to go. Additional info.: .97 acre lot, full basement, 16 x 32 inground pool. The loan payoff is approx. $123,000 and it's worth $132,000.00. My mortgage is 30 year fixed FHA at 6.87% interest. I am not behind on my payments but it has me financially strapped. I now live in Georgia and have not decided whether to keep this property as investment or sell. Are their any refi options that would make sense to lower my monthly payments until I sold the property or what options would I have in keeping the property for renting? My current middle score is 640 and I have 23 months of no 30 or 30+ days late on my mortgage. Also, because of some things that I have done with my credit I expect this score to be 680+ by 08/01/04. Any help would be appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. A full doc loan is OK with me. How long after the purchase can I get the HELOC? Do you have any suggested lenders that I should contact?
  3. I'm new at this. I may be close to getting my short sale offer accepted by the mortgage company. The purchase price is $53K and with some work the property should sell for $110K. I would like to get an additional $10K for the improvements. I have a mid score in the 580's, can I get financing for the entire package upfront or do I have to own the property for a while before I can get an equity loan? I will be living in the home until the work is done and then I will sale.
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