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  1. If you have at least a 680, you can qualify for a NOO loan of 90% LTV. Ask if the seller will carry a note for the second. I do financing for these types of loans if you need any assistance. Jesse
  2. If the seller has a copy of the lease agreement and the rent is enough to cover the mortgage payments. that won't count against her. I loans for investors all the time that have rental properties. Jesse
  3. I'm a loan officer and I usually close loans in three weeks or less. When dealing with a broker or lender, make sure you have everything ready when you start the loan process: sales contract, name of title company, listing and selling agent. Also make sure the borrower have all documents the lender will require: 2 most recent paystubs, last 2 years of W-2's and 3 months bank statements. If you can have all those things available, things should go alot faster. Sometimes it takes longer than normal to close a loan because I have to wait for people to give the documents that I ask for. I can usually have a loan approval from an underwriter in 2-3 days. I hope this helps you out. If you still run into the same problem, give me a shot at doing the loan for you. Jesse
  4. I have lenders nationwide and worldwide looking to lend money for purchase, refinancing or investments. Residential and commercial loans available. Contact me if you need funding at mrjjperry@aol.com. Jesse
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