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  1. I'm looking to work with other investors. My REIG is a joke, every month we have new members that the previous night saw Carlton Sheets and wanna work 2hrs a month and make a quarter of a million dollars I cant seem to find any other groups in my area, im tempted to start my own...for the serious investor, not one that thinks working part time for two weeks will make them a millionaire.
  2. Retire, My opinion is these credit repair companies are all scams that will charge you tons of cash for something you can do yourself for free. Bottom line, theres no quick fix for ruined credit. Once it goes on your record, its there for 7 yrs unless you can dispute it and then they have 30 days to prove it or they must take it off of your credit report. Normally what they will do is try and contact you somehow before the 7 yrs is up, and if you agree that you owe, they can keep it on your record another 7 yrs after the original. Two things that you can do is check for free information online that you can do for yourself and forget these crooks thats using your bad credit to make themselves rich. The other thing to do is call your creditors or send them a letter explaining that you want to make it right but your in a bind right now. They may not put it on your credit report right away and may even give you a settlement thats up to 50% of what you owe and call it paid in full. Hell, if your going to pay someone $2,000 to give you advice, then have you pay more to get your bills down...I'll be more then happy to send you my bill Trust me, do a google of some credit repair information to do yourself and you'll thank yourself you didnt pay some crook that charges you for free information. Thats almost as silly as me saying i'll charge you $2,000 to put an item of yours on ebay for ya. (even though they have those ebay stores all over, but you get my point )
  3. MC, That was why I was so bummed out. I went to several different areas and they all seemed clueless. I explained what I do and what I was looking for but the overpaid, under worked employees just werent any help. I'll have to think of something more creative to figure it out.
  4. Today was the day I was finally able to go downtown to check the tax records and what a bummer. From what they told me, I need names or addresses in order to find home owners with out of town addresses or multiple properties. I can pull up all of this information from home, but I was told a while ago that if you go downtown, theres a way to pull up tax records or deeds from people with multiple addresses. Anyone else know of a way to locate home owners with multiple properties without the name or address?
  5. MC, I checked and the records office charges themselves to look it up online for a pretty hefty price. Should I say a hefty price for my $0 budget allowed BTW, it is true...today is my bday. I think I'm going to put on my best (birthday) suit and see what the downtown records have to offer me.
  6. Hey Gang, I'm going downtown to check out the records of vacant houses/out of town sellers. I've heard people doing this before and since i've never tried it before, not sure exactly what I'm looking for. How do I locate the vacant homes? How do I find out of town sellers? Or when I go down there is it an Easter egg hunt?
  7. Hey Gang, I'm hitting a few road blocks with my pure options lately and looking for tips to get back on track. Here's the deal...the homes that are greatly reduced are in "da hood" and not many people would go in the neighborhood during the day, not to mention not wanna live there. The homes in the middle class neighborhoods are priced too high, guess the owners hasn't realized that the housing market is down and its a buyers market now. I've tried educating the sellers and they have priced the house with their heart and not their brain. With that being said, how much ARV profit is a seasoned investor looking to make on a deal to make it worth his/her time to purchase the option from me? I've looked at all of the FSBO websites and there doesn't seem to be any good deals in my town. Other then putting an ad in the paper of what I'm looking for, is there any other ideas to find the deals of a lifetime? I get emails from other investors I've worked with before and they come up with deals that has 10s of thousands of dollars in equity in them and I have to shake my head trying to figure out where they get them unless its the deals that aren't advertised.
  8. Adam, Are you still taking students? I'm ready to take the leap since what I'm doing doesnt seem to be working
  9. I just called the lady and she said the reason they are selling is so they can re-buy another house thats smaller. I mentioned to her she better hurry and do something since shes already behind on two payments of the 2nd mortgage You know the old saying...ask a question and then shut up so they can talk? Well, it didnt work with this lady. It was like pulling teeth. Finally i told her to check with her hubby and let me know. These people crack me up
  10. MC, My market is still a buyers market but from most of the sellers i've talked with dont believe it I will call them back and see if they are interested in a CA....should i tell her that the payments have to be current first?
  11. They say its in move in condition. Just wasnt sure if their was enough spread involved to make it worth my while
  12. hey guys, this is a no brainer, but i figured i would ask to see if there was a way of making a win/win situation and profiting out of this deal. Situation: They have 2 mortgages for a total price of $129,097.53 Total monthly payments are $1,071.87 They are $408 behind I ran the comps and its $130K I dont see any way of helping these folks out, if anyone can think of anything, send the suggestions my way.
  13. MC, He just saw my ad in the thrifty nickel and called thinking i was the one that was looking for a l/p. I just called him back and once I let him know that i was an investor also, I could pretty much tell i took the wind out of his sail I'm trying to think of other ways to be creative with my website that could put a few bucks in my pocket. I figured either sell space on my site if he didnt have a website or just sign an agreement to split any profits he gets if I put his investment home on my site.
  14. I just got a call from another investor that saw my ad in the paper. The ad is one that MC used in the past...family looking for lease option in good neighborhood. I have a couple of things i was thinking about to make this profitable for me. #1. Sign an agreement with him and split half of the profits and i will put his property on my website. #2. Charge him a fee per week/month to post his home on my site. Has anyone ever tried this? Is there any other ways of working with an investor without getting the shaft?
  15. Looking in the paper over the last few weeks i've noticed an ad for a home, as-is. i figure it needs tons of work. I looked up the number using the reverse directory and it looks to be an investment company. Anyhow, they have a new ad asking for an offer. I looked up the address and its not in the best of areas, not the worst. So heres my question(s), Should i try and L/O or do a pure option and market it as a handy man special? Should i even worry about working with other investors in deals like this one? This investor sounds very desperate and not sure if the home is in that bad of shape, bad neighborhood or if he just wants to get it off of his books and flip it to another sucker (me)
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