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  1. I have the naked investor course, but I don't remember seeing any short offer and letter in the course I received. it does have the other contracts. Is their a place where they can be downloaded?
  2. hey jason, I was wondering if you could use a "letter of intent" with the seller with the PRICE,TERM,RENT and when you find the end buyer write up a lease with option agreement between end buyer and the seller and just assign your letter of intent for your % of the non refundable option deposit. of course it would still be credited if option was exercised?
  3. Michael, I wanted to ask you with your co-op-assignments when doing the lease agreement with the seller there are things you won't know until you find an end buyer. Example occupants, vehicles, etc. do those blanks have to be filled in or can they be left open? And on the option agreement the non refundable option deposit, rent credits, total purchase price unless they are fixed up front, there again there is no way of knowing what the end buyer is willing to put down how much he expects as a credit, and what to build into the purchase price so the seller can absorb it.? How is that handled? Unless the paperwork between you and the seller is drawn up after all the parameters with the end buyer have been negotiated. I was a little unclear on the process on the paperwork.
  4. Michael, So am I to assume once I have assigned the option to my flip buyer,via an assignment contract for a fee, he will then go to the seller and do a purchase and sale agreement, for the agreed upon price? I originally thought if I found a buyer I would exercise my option, then go to the seller write up a purchase and sale agreement and then assign that to the flip buyer?
  5. I wanted to know if you have a straight option to buy on a property and want to flip it to another buyer for a fee, how is the purchase and sale between what parties handled? Do I just assign it for a fee and let the end buyer close with seller, or do I sign a p&s with the seller or end buyer? Who signs the P&S agreement between seller, me, and end buyer?
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